Saturday, March 2, 2013

I feel Glam

I was Browsing Through Marketplace and came across this store called Exiled Inc. They have some Nice Mesh Clotheing!!  Here is one of their New Releases called Animal Print Rompers.  Very Cute!!  The Hair I am wearing is From The Arcade event, called Truth Hair Video Games Light Blonde Rare. These hairs also come with a flowered headband, The one with the light Blonde is red Roses Headband. The Shoes I am wearing are also from Exiled Inc., They are also Mesh. Love them :). The skins is from The arcade event also.   It is Glam Affair Luria 08. It doesnt really have eyeshadow on it, The eyeshadow I am wearing is free from Freestyle store.  It is made by Mock. 


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