Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stunning Glamour.

Dress: azul deitrich sapphire
Necklace: (caroline's) broken long strand white pearls

Beautiful Thoughts


A lil' past typsy....

Dress: donna flora margaret
Hair: timeless glamour from clawtooth

Stayin' Toasty ;)

Dress: donna flora Bice
Hair: Lamb Bang Bang Bob chocalate bars pack
Shoes: bax coen brown suede ankle boots

1920s Beauty!

Skin: atomic faith porcelain, earth 2
Hair: clawtooth roaring 20s black beauty (a 50L friday item)
dress: Donna Flora amber green gown

A Lovely House Wife

Dress: Bijou lacle


My friend, Scarlett Luv, is helping me out in the next few pictures.
In this picture:
Hair:Donna Flora -Fina Brunette
Necklace: happy finds
Shoes: Bax coen ankle boots brown
Dress: Donna Flora -mame silver
Skin: atomic skin grace red silk


Another creation by Killer Robots *heart*
the spaghettios aren't they awesome :D

Birth To a new Store.......

Happy Birthday to Killer Robots *heart* (it's acutally a heart symbol but lovely htmail says its broken if I use that)
Owner is Kittie Renfold. She creates affordable Random items. and they are Awesome.
I'm holding the Gift Thrower that's available at her store.
I shall post a TP url when i get one