Sunday, March 24, 2013

Small Issues and Fun PIctures!!

Hey Guys, Bear with me. I know I took the logos on the side away but I am trying to get them to another page, So everyone can see the logos from there.  It just might take a bit.  Hope y'all understand :) So just Slight Issue is all. LOL
But I shall not leave this Blog Pictureless, So here are some fun Pictures for you to look at. LOL

David Venter and I Cross Skinning as I say. LOL Don't i look lovely!! We went around in these skins just to show off how beautiful we looked. lol Lots of fun!!

Picture I took a long While back, Spooky But I love how it Turned out!!

My Friend Daηι Tнιяdвoяη (danicasaerwen) and I bored on this very interesting sim.  Sadly I have not found it again, so I'm assumeing its been takeing down. 

Of course Me in an outfit I put together. LOL One of my fave looks when i feel like being silly!!

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