Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just a Spoon Full of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go down....

Have some new goodies for yall.
and The Le Cabaret club allowed me to use their lovely place to take pictures.

I have not seen a better looking club  tbh most of em look nooby. But Le Cabaret
Uses beautiful textures :) I suggest stopping by ya never know you might find something you like ;)
Here is the Landmark!! 

The Corset I am wearing is one of Etchaflesh's new corsets.
I love it , all her corsets to be honest so nicely done :)
It's called Half N Half Corset.

I am wearing the New Sweety skin From Miasnow. :) This time in the 
tone called Exotic. also I am wearing the Freckle layer she made for the skin.
and Also this awesome eyeshadow she just recently made called XP Eyeshadows. There are different colors to choose from if you are not a blue and purple fan :) I love it. 

Monday, June 18, 2012


There is a new Stuff in STock out and Jesylilo has a very pretty skin there. 
Also there is a new outfit From PopTart very cyute. Its the shoes, socks, top and Skirt called Molly Mesh Outfit!!!
The Hair is new from Tameless :D calld Vix
Taxi's Below the Pictures!

A Mouse like me....

Cstar and Jane have somethig new out I just had to share :D!!!

Skin - Cstar - Olivia  Satin Spray Tanned
Dress - Jane - Shasta Dress Cornflower Mesh

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Color Blocking Fair

Color Blocking fair is here!!

Top and Skirt - Gloxx Olga (other Colors Availabe) Mesh (CBF)
Shoes - Furore - Mesh Ballets pinkish 

Top - Gloxx - Blouse Alexia Mesh (CBF)
Skin - Jesylilo - Lazy Sundays

Jacket - Chloe - Jacket Yasmin Blue mesh (CBF) (other colors are purchaseble)
Shorts - [F]uchon - Mesh Spring White shorts

Top & bottom - Chloe - Romper Hilana Red/blue (CBF) (other colors are Purchaseable)

Skin - Miasnow - Sweety Pale  
Eyeliner - New from Miasnow - for Sweety skin (or any other skin) 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Got a Mixture of stuff  for yall To  Gander at!!!
Taxis will be at the bottom :)

Top - PopTart - Meow Cropped Mesh Top
Skirt - Chloe - Pietra Skirt Mesh (comes in other colors :))
Shoes - PopTart - Chibi Bot Digi Boots
Hair - Alice Project - Mesh around Hunt

Top - Gloxx Store - Marie Mesh (Comes in diff colors)
Skirt - Gloxx Store - Miniskirt Helena Mesh (Comes in diff Colors and Prints)

Monday, June 4, 2012


Went to FaMESHed and found this Cyute lil Monster Sweater, which has A BUNNIE HOOD, HECKS YESH!!!! 
So cyute and so many choices of colors!

There is an event called SVPAP Project rescue event. From What I read
This organazation helps animals, and are loseing money to keep it open. So they need our help otherwise if they close then they cannot keep those animals and help them. Whatever you buy at this event 100% goes to the project.  Which I love animals So yeah i bought some items :) and here is one of them i thought it was cyute from Pyscho Byts. a Mouse that moves and blinks in my mouth LOL LOVED IT and had to have it. They have alot of other neat items there and Mesh items so go and help out those animals i beleive the number i read was 500 cats and Dogs :( Let's Help them out :)