Friday, March 15, 2013


Pure Poison has some Lovely Accesories out.  The earrings are called Rock Studded Earrings. They also made these nails I am wearing. They are Silver Naira Jewlery Set. You can wear Nails only, Rings only, or Nails and Rings, There is also a Gold set. LOVE THEM!! lol  These nail sets are  from L'accessories.  The Bracelet is Love Stacked Bracelet Black & Silver. You can purchase the earrings and this bracelet from Sl buddy Walk.
The outfit I am wearing is From Masoom called Eboni Outfit. You can purchase it from The Black Market.  This hair is by Miss C. It is called Lucky and can be purchased at Limited Bazaar. Most of these events are limited time so hurry and take my Taxis so you can purchase them. They are well worth it :).

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