Monday, October 31, 2011

Ison and Skins YEEPEE!


 I was looking on the Marketplace and found some
Beautiful items from ISON!
I love their textures they use in their outfits.
And alot of their clotheing are Very reasonably
Priced. So worth getting :D

This blog Imma post a few Different Outfits
That i HAD to get from there.      
                      I purchased this skin From                      This Outfit was Seperate
                     The Dressing Room Blue, I                       That I just put together.
                     Beleive. It was 70 Linden mons
                     Skin. You can wear it without
                      the Red lipstick wich is Awesome.                                         

                                   These BodySuits Were also Reasonably Priced
                                    And whats awesome you get two different 
                                    versions in one Buy :).  The marketplace Url 

          Also this skin is from Al Vulo! It was a free Gift so
Hurry go there I donno how much longer it will be up! 


Halloween at The Plastik and Leonie on the Beach :)

 The Plastik has some halloween goodies at her shop.
For very decent prices so hurry up and get them. 
Dress above: [Plastik]-Halluwiin'10- Shredde Dress and Tank in Candy Corn

:[P]:- Hallowen2011-Minimalist:/Zombie

In All these pictures i also am wearing one of the halloween skins from 
The Plastik. Very cheap and well worth it. You can wear it with the lipstick or without. :)
Now this Ring is from a different store called Leonie on the Beach.
I have posted some of her stuff in older posts. But she has this Nice lil Halloween Gift out :) while your there look at her other jewlery and items.
Very pretty they are. And she puts alot of hard work into the fractals she makes even. So worth it :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

BDR Happy Halloween!

BDR Has been busy :) Here are TWo of the Costumes she has been working on.


 I do Beleive They are Loverly and Worth Going to the shop to check it out. 
  ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Catwoman

Some of The other costumes are 
Crime Scene and She Devil (not Shown)
They are all So awesum.

Go Grab them so you have a Rockin Costume
To the parties you will be attending :)

                                                                                       ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Jessica

More From Holli Pocekt :)

                    HOllI POCKET
These Tattos are at the Depraved Gatcha Event. :) 25L to pay the Gatcha.  or 250 for the Whole Pack. They are Called Holli Pocket-Naughty Nom Tats.

YAY MORE GOODIES. and I do know The Holli Pocket Store has Other tattoo Gatchas. Yall Should go check them out. :))


Holli Pocket Limited Goodies!

This  *HolliPocket*Lacin' Love Top-Coral Is at the Perfect Wardrobe - They put 
out items Bi-Weekly So hurry up and grab it for 90L.

Also the under wear im wearing is from Boom. They have out packs you can buy at Collaber88. I beleive it is up there till the end of the month so GET those UNDies :)

This is yet another *Holli Pocket* Lacey Long Top-Strawberry. I love
These They are so Pretty on. This Color is at the Grunge Soul Project for 80L. So hurry up and go grab it before its Gone.

This top is a hunt gift for the Zombie Popcorn Hunt.  It's called *HolliPocket*Hoodie Tee-Fruit Punch
Need to hurry and grab this goodie also cuz hunt last till the end of the month. This one is free :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Columbia From RHPS. :)
You can Purchase this From FTLO Boo2 hunt I beleive it is called.
You can buy it only on the hunt sim for 100 linden. 
She also created the Frankenfurter Outfit which is the Hunt gift You have to find
on the sim.

Hair: [elikatira] Early Bird


Monday, October 17, 2011


This Dress is Gawgeous! It comes with Two diff styles 

It is called the PuffPuff Dress Purple. Right now its a Group Promo For 50 Linden. :)

 As you Notice I am wearing this Lovely Tattooed Halloween Skin + Shape.
Also a Group Promo for 15 Linden. :)

Each Picture I tried to show some of the Diff tattoos on the skin :)

(The eyes are The Cstar Natural eyes Black.
Hair is from [Raspberry] was from the hair fair.)  

(Note: the shape below is My own The shape above is the one 
that Came with the halloween Tattooed skin)

This Lovely Dress is called Halloween Dress :)
It is a Group gift! SO AWESOME! 

Another thing is These EYES RT Glassy Eyes- Blue are only 5 Linden at RT.
(Hair: Lamb at Collaber88)

Now the Thing is you need to hurry Up and go get these goodies. Because come November 1st They will go to the original Prices. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

*Holli Pocket* = Awesomeness!!!

This Top below is Found in the  store but this Certain color i only noticed at the FTLO
Sim.  It's a cheaper steal then at the store. So hurry before the FTLO hunt is up. 

*HolliPocket* Loosen Up My Buttons-Dresses

*HolliPocket* Faded Whisker Jeans

 *HolliPocket* Lacin' Love Tops

*Holli Pocket* Lacey Corsets

Hollie Pocket = New Fave Store 
(Sorry for some of the pictures being smaller. You should be able to click on them and it pop up bigger)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pick Your Pumpkin...

Boystown has a cyute lil Pumpkin Patch. The pumpkins are Free to grab. 
As you can see there are some painted ones in the back. 
and behind it also they are getting a haunted house ready :)
Go Grab Your Pumpkins and tell your friends!

tђเร เร ђคll๏ฬєєภ, tђเร เร ђคll๏ฬєєภ.....

cσмє ℓιттℓє cнιℓ∂яєη  ι'ℓℓ тαкє тнєє αωαу, ιηтσ α ℓαη∂  σƒ єηcнαηтмєηт  cσмє ℓιттℓє cнιℓ∂яєη  тнє тιмє'ѕ cσмє тσ ρℓαу  нєяє ιη му gαя∂єη  σƒ мαgιc  ƒσℓℓσω ѕωєєт cнιℓ∂яєη  ι'ℓℓ ѕнσω тнєє тнє ωαу  тняσυgн αℓℓ тнє ραιη αη∂  тнє ѕσяяσωѕ  ωєєρ ησт ρσσя cнιℓ∂яєη  ƒσя ℓιƒє ιѕ тнιѕ ωαу  мυя∂єяιηg вєαυту αη∂  ραѕѕισηѕ  нυѕн ησω ∂єαя cнιℓ∂яєη  ιт мυѕт вє тнιѕ ωαу  тσ ωєαяу σƒ ℓιƒє αη∂  ∂єcєρтισηѕ  яєѕт ησω му cнιℓ∂яєη  ƒσя ѕσση ωє'ℓℓ αωαу  ιηтσ тнє cαℓм αη∂  тнє qυιєт  cσмє ℓιттℓє cнιℓ∂яєη  ι'ℓℓ тαкє тнєє αωαу, ιηтσ α ℓαη∂  σƒ єηcнαηтмєηт  cσмє ℓιттℓє cнιℓ∂яєη  тнє тιмє'ѕ cσмє тσ ρℓαу  нєяє ιη му gαя∂єη  σƒ ѕнα∂σωѕ

Both of these im wearing the Witchy Kitty Group Gift from Beautiful DirtyRich.
Top one wanted to do more for artsy purposes i guess you can say the skin is diff on top its from The plastik. :[P]:-Ataciara-Melody- London Fog I have had   it in other blogs before. 
This  outfit comes with a hat, kitty tail, paws, ears (not Shown)
It's a gift that is so worth getting.
The hat I got from clawtooth for FLF. It's color change hat w/hair.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Glam of the Party....

Say there is a Tuxedo Party your friends are haveing, But you don't wanna go in
a men's Tuxedo. Well Rebel Hope Designs has fixed that Issue for you!!

!Rebel Hope Designs - Fabria Tuxedo Gown Special Edition
Now when you show up to that party you will definitly have heads
Turn in Jealousy Wishing they found a Tuxedo Dress.
You can either wear the ruffle to the dress as in the Top PIcture.
Or this Cyute Bowtie Choker w/diamond in center.
The ruffle also comes in sheer.

Also wear these darling wrist cuffs with the Gown. 
Adds for a perfekt Touch.
Go get your TUxEDO GOWN TODAY!!!