Thursday, March 28, 2013

Getting Down in the Jungle

Egoisme Has a beautiful Skin out Called Evian -Aphorodite.  The Tone I am wearing is Pale. I love how it looks on me!  Makes me look different then I normally do, but I am liking the Difference Very much.  You can Purchase the skins also in xpale, medium, tan, and dark.  The Bra and Panties I am wearing are from *MonCheri* called Simplicty Set Embelished (Navy).  Found it pretty decent for the price it was, I beleive it is one of the older items of theirs. :)
Again My feet are from Gos Boutique, ONe of the best Mesh Feet you will Find I am sure. The Hair I am wearing is From Magika called Please.  The Sim I am on is one of my Favorite Sims Called Jungleboys.  The owner Taylor Spyker just recently  got back from his vacation and has been remodeling it.  I am not for sure if he has finished yet or not, but he has gotten alot done!!  It is a very pretty sim and I have had alot of fun times with The folks that go there. :) Also I beleive they still have Treehouses for Rent!!


A Friend of Mine Hayley Portland Made a video of the Jungle which shows Exactly what all you can find at Jungleboys. :) Please take a look.

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