Saturday, January 29, 2011

Candy Cane.... ITS A SIM :D

Ok This Sim is sooooo AWESOME SAUCES :D
these are just a few pics that show the sim but its way better if you can go visit it.   My fave part is the sun btw :D.
There are stores to shop at here also some of my fave btw.

List of stores: Lamb, Tres Blah, Mustache, Canned Ice, sBLur, Intrigue Co. , Ritz , Rachel Breaker , geez! , rcbg. ,Butt-err , Drot, Mangled, &Bean, 1313, pierce of mind, croire

I suggest you stop by and check it out...A sim you don't wanna miss exploreing and Shoppin at :D
Owners of the sim are Kittie Renfold and Disco Lemon :D

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Checkered Crazy hatz

Crazy Checkered Hatz Two in this pack for 50 Linden :D.

More to come SOON!!!

Funky Uniformed Hat

Cute Uniform hat with color change :D YOu can change the hat seperate form the band :D
80 Linden

Lovely Lollis

Lollipop for 5 Linden
It's Just one lolli but its Color changeable
has lolli holding lickin pose in it :D

Lacey Umbrellas

Some Cyute Umbrellas I made....Thinkin i'll make another set with different textures. :D comes with a holding pose. Looks fine with Ao on.
Come with four different brellas what you see in the ad. 100 Linden 


Lil Crown thats Color Change. I'm Selling for 10 Linden

Love Star/Love Hearts Earrings SETS

Just some Lil earrings i Made. I went color change crazy on my items. lol but these are color change. You can mix match the colors buy makein one pink and one green etc. :D 
50 Linden per set  :D

Lil Funky Chair

This Chair I made Color Changeable can change the cushion different form the rest of the chair and vice versa.  Hope that made sense. Any Questions just IM me  it is 100 Lindens It is copy Mod and come with a pose in it Same as the other chair packs Below.

Lovely Chair Packs :D

Lovely Chair packs i put together they are 150 linden a pack and you get Four chairs in pack they are COPY only :D

Aria's Daydreams :D

Hey Guys!!!  I gotz a store out....Selling random things that i like
and also My art :D Monster Mugs etc. Ill be posting the ads of what im selling  also. So keep an eye out.
Heres a SLurl to my shop Stop by please and TEll your fRiends :D
If you have any questions Just give me an IM :D
ariadenise Bellic

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

La Femme

La Femme- soir a paris cerise

La Femme- Fleurs vintage - La vie en rose

La Femme- Petit Four Airelle

La Femme- Dans lamour la vie en Lavande

La Femme- Fleurs vintage- Vieux anglais

La Femme- Baroque petit fille lavande

These are Gawgeous Dresses you should check em out :D
Makes me feel like im in paris and very sophistaced.