Monday, December 20, 2010

Pastries from Sirenes et Moineaux Patisserie

Here are two different pastries that you can purchase at the bistro i posted below they are very beautifully detailed. She has alot more :D Go have a look!!

 Triple Tier Dark Chocolate Ganache Cake on a Pedestal

Black Forest Tart

Sirenes et Moineaux Patisserie

This Bistro is at Alchemy Immortalis. It is Beautiful, quiet little place where you can go on nice dates with your loved one.  They have pastries and other cyute items you can purchase in the bistro.  After dinner you can stroll around the sim, It's Beautiful as well it has a celtic feel to it.  Alchemy's attic is a store that is on that sim she has alot of neat items to purchase. This sim is worth the walk around and going too. :D

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Peppermint MaryJanes Oh HoW I adore Theee....

These are the mary janes that are in teh whoville picture below :D <3

Santa's Lil Helper.......

I love this Dress...I just feel like a lil toy maker. tehe.
I actually got the dress cuz i needed something to match my shoes, and I have wanted this dress for ages anyways so walah.

Dress: [Wishbox] Helper in Whoville
Hair: Magika Jingle chu
Shoes: Kick the Can Peppermint candy mary janes :D

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beautiful Eyes.....

*Farouche* Eyes. They are Gawgeous.  My friend Leonie showed me this
store and they had lucky boards with packs of eyes you can get.
They are gawgeous eyes kinda anime looking.
The store is *Farouche*. :D

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The outfit I am wearing is done by David Valarian :D. He is just getting started on his store. he made the shoes, jeans, tank top, bracelet, scarf, a ring and glasses he made with this outfit also they are AWESOME. IM me inworld if you need a lm i will give one to ya and let ya know when he is fully up and running.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stunning Glamour.

Dress: azul deitrich sapphire
Necklace: (caroline's) broken long strand white pearls

Beautiful Thoughts


A lil' past typsy....

Dress: donna flora margaret
Hair: timeless glamour from clawtooth

Stayin' Toasty ;)

Dress: donna flora Bice
Hair: Lamb Bang Bang Bob chocalate bars pack
Shoes: bax coen brown suede ankle boots

1920s Beauty!

Skin: atomic faith porcelain, earth 2
Hair: clawtooth roaring 20s black beauty (a 50L friday item)
dress: Donna Flora amber green gown

A Lovely House Wife

Dress: Bijou lacle


My friend, Scarlett Luv, is helping me out in the next few pictures.
In this picture:
Hair:Donna Flora -Fina Brunette
Necklace: happy finds
Shoes: Bax coen ankle boots brown
Dress: Donna Flora -mame silver
Skin: atomic skin grace red silk


Another creation by Killer Robots *heart*
the spaghettios aren't they awesome :D

Birth To a new Store.......

Happy Birthday to Killer Robots *heart* (it's acutally a heart symbol but lovely htmail says its broken if I use that)
Owner is Kittie Renfold. She creates affordable Random items. and they are Awesome.
I'm holding the Gift Thrower that's available at her store.
I shall post a TP url when i get one

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Corn Popper :D from [Blackberry Jam]
has three different sizes and when you push it it Pops.
Also in the picture my outfit is the relax a ma cat group gift If i remember right. It comes from Narwhal


Kiddy Wheels From [Blackberry Jam]
This is awesome you can change the color of the car and the texture, or the design i mean on the car. It comes with a little honker horn hud you can press I love it :D
(also in the past few pictures the sweaters I am wearing come from the same store)

I don't wanna grow up.......

Fun Buggy from [Blackberry Jam]
I LOVE THIS TOY :D You wear it :D

Jingly Ball Jingly ball Jinglying allll the wayyy!

Jingly Ball from [Blackberry Jam]
YOu click on the white ball to get in it to get out click to sit on the gold ball. It's kinda like a hamster ball you walk aroudn in it i likes it :D

I gotS my wrist TIEd up :D

I am Wearing the Corset Wrists By Nerd Spot. :D CYUTE
Click Here to buy them :D

Friday, August 27, 2010


Lips Stitched - Red (Spyker)
This Lips are perddy. My friend Nerd Spot AKA Helly Spyker made.
She is selling them on xstreet.
You have to have the version 2.0 cuz its a tattoo layer that only that version it is useable in.
When you put them on they are Red and have these perddy stitches. Click Here for the Link.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

VIintage CONT.....

I love this Dress also ITs Gawgeous :D
Dress:*Iceing* its very flowy just above the knee

Vintage CONT...

Gun:freebie LOL

Vintage CONT....

Another Lovely Outfit
Dress: *Vita Bella* group gift
Fur Stole: *Icing*
Hair: Clawtooth

A Vintage Kinda Feeling

I just Recently started Roleplaying at the Chicago sim, called Roaring 20s So I decided to post my outfits I'm useing. :D I love this style <3
Dress: *Vita Bella*
Shoes: HOC
Hair: clawtooth
Skin:atomice gift (not There anymore)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sea Beauty....

Just wanted to be artsy..... so i'm being artsy LOL this bikini is from pixel. Its the chrome red bikini.

We're ALL mAd HEre!!!!

I was in an alice in wonderland sim tehe, my hair is from curious kitties, my pants are from Dollface, the tattoo i'm wearing is from YaYO it also shows on the back an alice in wonderland tattoo (I'll make another picture to show that off) and the nipple tape is dg..... :D


I wondered to the PAX sim/region. Found out its Bertifful. I got this dress from wishbox and the hat my sister made for a hunt. I modded it a bit to match my dress :D


I love These pictures :D. The hair is from -dD- or discord designs, the outfit is from *Crazy*, The Skin is from *Cstar* the Aftermath skin, and Shoes are from HOC. LOVE IT mwhahahhahahah

Friday, April 9, 2010

I was visiting ARCS angel blue sky, It's perddy there :D I'm wearing Fri.Day hair Eloise, Scribble's Moleskin Notebook typing AO, Armidi's Gisaci Cambridge aufren white w/white shirt, HOC Maitresse shoes, Bella's The race jeans it came with a shirt also, and my Atomic Elven ears :D lovely ;)

DRD - Alice

This here is a dress from Death Row Designs. You can find this Dress on The textureing is beautiful. And if you would like to see what it looks like on. Give me an IM and I shall model it for ya :D ariadenise Bellic is my avy name.

*TW. *seqouin* Sensation Dress

This is one of my lovely sister's items in her store. I beleive this color is called crush if I remember right. She has alot of neat and interesting purchases. Check it out sometime, I know you'll love it ;)

Violent Seduction - La morte Imp

An outfit from Violent Seduction. I thought it was different. SHe has a lot of interesting outfits at her store. This outfit comes with a few other parts to it, I just decided not to wear all of em :D

Evie's CLoset

Here is the Melusine Dress in the color Blood From Evie's Closet she has some gawhgeous dresses very high quality. ;)

This is an OOPS!! Faery Chomper from Evie's Closet. A lovely Item to have :D

Hey Mister.....She's My Sister!!!!

My sister and I on our zydrate Binge. :D The Dresses are also from Rotten Toe. Missy is wearing The Fluff and I am wearing Funeral Party Dress.

!RT...The Fluff (Black/Pink)

Another Dress from Rotten Toe One of her newer dresses. :D

Thursday, April 8, 2010

!RT Tudors Dress

This Tudors dress i got from the unlucky chair at Rotten Toe. I love that thing very interesting to watch if you get to sit on it :D I suggest you go check out Rotten Toe she has some Smexy Creepy stuff. It's Shawesome.