Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Holli Pocket has some Ootsey Cutesy Tops 
for Grenade Free Wenesdays (tomorrow)
The tops are 75L each.
Ya can't beat that lol.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holli Pocket CyuteNEss!!!

Holli Pocket has these Cyute lace up Onesys tops
at her store. You get a set of Two colors for 250 Linden.
TOo pretty to pass up!

(Skates are Bax Skates Silver)

Now Guess what there is a pack That you can purchase at the
Grunge Soul Project  for Only 100 Linden.
What a GREAT! deal :)

Here is The Picture Ad that shows what The Colors are at GSP.

Now Ya better hurry because, If I'm not mistaken, I 
Beleive GSP only lasts for a Two weeks and It just started :D.

Here is the Taxi to GSP 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I went To May's Soul Recently and Found some Gorean 
outfits I actually LIke. They are too cyute.
Go LOOk!
 Below I will show pictures of What I picked out :)
* May's Soul* torvald bond brown

* May's Soul* tavern girl

* May's Soul* cormina green

Most of her Outfits there come with 
Shoes and Cyute Bags I noticed.
My fave is the Backpack that looks like
a Little Big Planet person LOL. I love that game.
Now if you teleport to her other store 
Tentacio by May's Soul!
You can find these Cyute Monster Shirts!
Just Click on this Picture to make them larger :)
You can also Purchase these Cyute outfits!

*Tentacio* Misha red

*Tentacio* Jungle in the city green

*Tentacio* rocked pants soft

So worth it!! SO Cyute!!
Oh and if you look to the  left side of my blog, You should see a
Picture that says May's Soul. 
If you click on that it should take you to her Blog!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Shush IS at the Vintage Fair :)

She has these Vintage High Skirts 
In Twelve different Colors.
Go check them out :) 
(The Top is from Ison)

Vintage fair I believe opens at 4:00 pm slt
The information is  on this link

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

*Boof. Glasses :)

I  found these Creeper Peepers From *Boof.
LOL  Imma Addict to glasses. So of course I had to have them
You have Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, Michael Myers,
and PennyFace AKA It the Clown.
*Boof. Also has Two different types of 3D glasses Neon and Regular.
So CYute :D


*Boof. Has a whole bunch of cyute and funny stuffs. lol
The next few days imma attempt to post her stuff 
for yall to see. Because I don't want anyone to miss out on it :)
Now this item, I donno who remembers Ren and Stimpy on 
Nickelodion. (donno how to spell it) lol
BUt she made the Best Lil Record player. 
You click on it and it plays HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY
AHHHHHH how Awsum is that :)

I beleive her main store is located at The Whisper.

Great Priced TOps !!!! HUrry before they are gone :)

Holli Pocket has got a new Cowl Sweater out
at The Perfect Wardrobe for only 90 L
Hurry before its Gone!

Also Tomorrow is Grenade Free Wednesdays.
And she has this Pull meh Tops there for 100 L
There are black, White, and Silver tops.
So worth the getting.
The pic below I am wearing the white top :)

How Pyschotic are ya?

...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Insane (White) 
 What a lovely Pyscho outfit BDR has made lol.
There is the white and the dirty version. 
Female and male ones and they both come with 
clean or bloody :) oh and the outfit comes with the 
jeans and boots so Extra Pluses LOL and the jacket is resizable.

The Hair was an old Miasnow Freebie. The skin
was an old curio hunt gift i beleive lol
Eyes are from Negaposi. They have 
awesome Reasonably priced eyes :)

Also below shows one of the razors you can wear. YOu can wear 
two different versions on the mouth.
The one I chose is where my tongue sticks out with a razor. 
So nummys :)
 The pic below i wore the same thing, I just wanted to do something 
more artsy with it LOLOL