Saturday, March 30, 2013


I few goodies to show yall. They are recent releases From Step Inside and ducknipple!!  The first I will mention is this Beautiful skin from Step Inside.  It's from The New Round of Designer Circle, Which starts on April 1st.  So y'all better have your TPS ready to go grab this skin. There are 3 Skin Tones, Parted Lips, and Cleavage options.  The skin tones are Normal (shown in Picture), Rosy pale, and Tan. :)  This loVely lil dress is from Ducknipple called Layla. It comes with a hud with 12 Different Textures for the top, 12 Different Textures for the skirt, and 6 Different colors for the belt To choose From.  Which I beleive is worth it. :) Love this lil dress, So cute!!  The shoes I also got from Ducknipple called Studded Boots W/ HUd.  The Hud has 14 Different Colors to choose from and also a resizer.  These shoes are unisex. :) The hair i Got about a month ago from Eaters Coma, It was a group Gift.   The sim I am in is a Country Roleplay Sim I beleive called kansas, Something like that lol.  I wanted a country look.  The teleporter was not working at the top, so sadly lol I tped in on some folks roleplaying as native americans.  They were very nice about it also.  Seems like a nice place to roleplay I guess if you like roleplaying country :).  I will put a Landmark below Just incase yall are interested in looking around.   And don't worry yall wont tp in on anyone, the landmark I saved is for where i took the Pictures at. ;)


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