Wednesday, June 22, 2011

LOvely Affordable Skin at The Plastik........

This SKin is NO Longer 75 Linden  But I do Believe it is Buyable.  But doesn't mean you can still stop by and see her Other skins They are Beautiful. And if you keep an eye out shes IN lazy Sunday and fifty Linden Fridays Sometimes she will have a sale.. So join her Group and Keep an eye open for hunt gifts or what not. You never wanna miss her Items. :D

The Plastik has a new {beta} skin out for 75 Linden. It so pritti.
It comes with 19 Different Makeup Layers and there is 5 Tones to choose from.

La Venta- Plastik Vaila Beta Skin- Tone 1
Pants: The Plastik Aeda Slacks-Grey-{Capris&Knees}
These pants as it says Comes in Capris as shown or Knee Shorts :D
Shoes:PIxelFashion Ono Sneakers Gray
Pasties:The Plastik Bandaids-Invade
Now To show you some of the different Makeup Layers.

 This is no makeup Layer how the face of the skin looks :D
 Ataciara Makeups-Vegas
Ataciara Makeups-Tribe Leader
Ataciara Makeups- Smudgy Shadow.
 Ataciara Makeups-Sea
 Ataciara Makeups-Red
Ataciara Makeups-Phoenix
Ataciara Makeups- Lip Stripe
 Ataciara Makeups- Lighter Lips
Ataciara Makeups-Grene
Ataciara Makeups- Darker Lips

Ataciara Makeups-Dark

 Ataciara Makeups-Cranberry

And there are just a few more Makeup layers.  This skin is again Only 75 Linden and So worth Buying them all. :D I Donno how long she will have the skin out for so Hurry and go get it while its out, It is so worth your linden.
She Has alot of clothing choices in her store, Skin choices,ETC. and the store IS quite PRetty i Think :D
Don't Beleive me? Check it out yourself :D