Friday, September 30, 2011

PUcker up and LEave your Mark.....

To my Top Right is
[mock] Bella Vetro Gloss  [Lepore Red]  [Lip 2]
To my Bottom Left is
[mock] Bella Vetro Gloss  [Lepore Red]  [Lip 1]

 These two lipsticks you can find at the 
4.44.444 Event tomorrow will be held from Oct 1st - Oct 14th.
The starting time tomorrow is 12 SLT.
Each item will be either 4 Lindens, 44 Lindens, or 444 Lindens.
They will Keep everyone updated about it on 

[Mock] also has these beautiful Lipsticks and more at her store.

[mock] L'eau Castro Gloss (2 Lip Sizes)   
!Hidden Freebie!

[mock] Micare Lipcolor Dk Pink Apple Autumn Rainbow

[Mock] Cosmetics Grape Crush Lip Creme

[mock] L'eau Red Berry

These Last Two are not Free. BUT her prices are AWESOME.
GO check out her Store and see for yourself :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bent Lolli's

My Dress is from Collaber88, So adorable.
Hair: Yesterdays FLF
Skin:The Plastik :[P]:-Ataciara-Melody- London Fog
The Doll I'm holding is MEsh :) at Violent Seduction, from a Gatcha

This Droolin Lolli is on marketplace...Gross but cyute LOL
Go Drool everywhere :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Can you say DISCO HUNT AHHHH!!!

THis Disco Dress is in the disco hunt at Beautiful Dirty Rich. So worth Hunting for :)
It also comes with a Hair with headband that matches the dress (not shown here)
Hair: Booperfunk TOO CYUTE :)
Disco ball is in the hunt from FIN relieve the fifties store. GO GET IT :)

Sorry about the Picture being off the side LOL wow donno how i did that one....oh wells :D

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Latex Lady

Another Lovely Beautiful Dirty Rich Dress. Comes in diff colors :)
I chose to wear the black so i could wear my pink hair :)
and im hidin them a lil bit but has pasties also. 

Can you say CYUTE?

99 Linden each at Beautiful Dirty Rich. :) You can't beat that!
It's a Huge store so while your there check out some more of her items.

Shush and go buy this :)

[SHUSH] has a new autum outfit. SO CYUTE aint it?? lolol
You can wear the jacket with or w/out the belt. Its just too cyute with the belt though I LOVE THIS.

Slurl to the place

-=Pink Inc.=- MESHIES

NEW MESH AHHHH cyute outfits EACh shirt and skirt i chose the curvy shape to wear :) (photoshopped a lil bit)  Where did i take the pictures?
London of course. The outfits made me think rocker from london for some reason lol. I am at the Dr. Who Sim :)

-=Pink Inc.=- Studded Mesh Tank Sparkle Skull Stones Black
-=Pink Inc.=- Girls Night Out Mesh Mini Skirt Red

-=Pink Inc.=- Studded Mesh Tank Black
Shoes:[PM] Pixel Mode : Baby T's - Plain - Black

-=Pink Inc.=- Studded Mesh Tank Rasberry
-=Pink Inc.=- Girls Night Out Mesh Mini Skirt Brown
Hair: Alice Project - Amiya - Black

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Earthstones. :) didn't really know about it till my sister
Showed me their jewlery. I have to say I need some mulah to
Save up and buy some of Earthstones jewelry ITS BEAUTIFUL.

I walked in and Oddly i smelt INcense and candles like you smell in Rl at 
Herbal stores or candle stores. IT was that homey it reminded me of
those Stores STRONGLY. (donno if thats good grammar but fo real)
LOL it is Beautifully put together.
She has Fountains in there for sale and candles and even incense, But MOst of all is her GAwGeous Jewelry :)
Here are some pics of my fave. The store is HUGE so be sure to look around.

Here is the Slurl
Right in the front of the store.
 OH, and she tells me around CHRISTMAS time she has the sim with SNOW
and an ICE RINK to ICE SKATE AT. as you CAn TEll I'm EXCITED LOL

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Merry EArly Christmas????

 Mees and mY sissy are celebrating early christmas
We are wearing Lingerie from BLacklace :)
 Salacious Corset by Voller: Red and Green Satin & Lace Trim
Is the name of the Lingerie.
Hair: Left Alice Project (Mesh) Right Magika
Presents: Miel
Earrings: Chop Suey

This NECKLACE is BEAUTIFUL it is From Earthstones
The name of it is Snow Flurry Pearl Snowflake You can find it in the fine Jewlery section of the store ITs huge GO LOOK.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Alrighty Been meaning to blog these panties They so cyute. You can get them at zeery :) 
url for zeery is

Furthermore the glasses are Dollarbies on marketplace called Kennedy's Snookie Glasses I believe. and the Hair is from collabor88 For 88 Linden WOOOOWEEEEE.  I got the colored packs of course :) It's by Lamb.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My art is UP at OZLAND. Go take a lOOKSEEE :))
right in the middle where i pictured are my freebies.  So who wouldn't wanna go look at art grab freebies. Maybe even buy some of the art. I put them in Picture frame i made.  Also i make them copy mod no transfer. Just in case you wanted to put them in a diff Frame you can :)))