Thursday, May 26, 2011


Not Really photoshopped :D But Yet another Freebie At Leonie's Store <3
yeah it says till 25th but she still has it out for free....Hurry up to get it :D 

Imma Rollur Skatin'

I got them at the shoe fair at Dilly Dolls, all procceds of these shoes go to sole4sole. they are Color Change.
Capris:the Purple moon Boho I think it was a group gift LOL my memory sucks atm.
Hair :Truth

Monday, May 16, 2011


Wired White Tocatta In C Minor

Wired Pink Tocatta In C Minor

Wired Peacock Tocatta In C Minor

Wired Lilac Tocatta In C Minor

Wired Beige Tocatta In C Minor

Wired Dirty Tocatta In C Minor

These Dresses you Can purchase at Rotte Toe!! 
They come with everything shown even the shoes :D
She has other amazing stuff Which soon I will post them.
Check out her store In World :D

Sunday, May 15, 2011


This is my Friend Leonie's Store She makes some great textures, Etc. 
For reasonable Prices you should stop by and at least take a look :D
Here is the URL to get to her store 

These Tentacles are also for sale :D 70 linden each

 She also has a few freebies on this table

She also makes some pretty furnies as shown in the Two photos above

 Her Jewlery For a limited time there is a dollarbie in each set <3

Her Textures and some other lil items like i said take a stop by It doesnt hurt to look :D  and if you like it so much tell a friend....

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fluff Inc. Continued

Here is the Can 'O' Cream upclose (i did some photoshoppin so colors are a tad diff but the blogs show what its like in world)  The First pic shows that you can stand on the cream, The seond pic shows what the can is like in your hand, the Third pic shows it comes with Cream that goes in your mouth I have the Rainbow one :) its so much fun.  The can moves to where it looks like you are squirting it in your mouth also its A GREAT BUY!!!!!

Fluff Inc.

This is one of my friends Store Fluff Inc. He is Just getting started But Very VERY talented. I think we will enjoy what he comes up with next right now he has the can 'o' Cream for sale. 50 linden each. It sprays fun cream everywhere :)
You should stop by and check it out

Friday, May 6, 2011

Oh So Pritti!!!

This Skin Is SOOOO pretty for a Freebie <3
I got it from the DIMH2 Hunt at  Al VULO!

The Hair is from Loq its  a Group Gift!!!