Sunday, July 24, 2011


THis top is from sea hole also named The Sea Hole - Kashmir Blouse - Natural.
Pants are the seaman pants from BOOM another awesome store.
Hair:Action Womens Hair Cloe.2 - Bleached

A friend of mine made some pretty rings...
 Grace Ring VeilsandTrails07Agate01 gold white brown

  Grace Ring Amaya08Agate03 gold ivory brown

 Grace Ring Agate03 gold green orange

Grace Ring VeilsandTrails07Agate04 gold aqua orange

My friend Leonie makes gawgous RINGS these aren't out yet to buy, but they will be soon.  You should stop by her store and look at the other rings/items she has made SOOO worth the look :D Store is called Leonie.  url is here


I LOVE LOVE THIS STOrE...This is the new outfit from The Seahole.
outfit I'm wearing is  called The Sea Hole - Zombikini Set - SuperPink.  It comes with the bag and sunglasses.
Skin: Belleza Group Gift
Boots:DOnno what the store is but its on marketplace here

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rebel Hope Designs

!Rebel Hope Designs - Grace Wedding Gown
This Beautiful Dress IS BranD NEW :D. Ya need to Hurry up and get it. The top is so beautiful with Detail. Just Gawgeous. So worth it.

Also This blog and the Last two with Wedding Dresses I took pictures at Weddings By Perfect Pairings. They have quite a few Venues to pick from. That are beautiful. Here is the Url Bahini Islands (69,198,35). There is normally personel there they will help you in your choice. :D

Here Comes the Bride....

 *DNR* Bridal Flora Mega Combo Set White
This dress comes with about five ways to wear it also a shorter Skirt.
SO BEAUTIFUL I LOVE THIS dress lOLOl.  From Nicky Ree.
Her Selection is Beautiful. And if you Ask the Owner She is very nice to get a Model to Show the dresses to you.

This Picture i Didnt photoshop as much so you could see the detail on the top of the dress.. SO beautiful. The Dark Red Rose Bridal Bouquet is from Weddings By Nienna Wood, Amour (21, 180, 33)
She makes Beautiful Bouquets and They are not alpha. This bouquet comes with the built in ao so when you walk your are still holding the bouquet. So worth Purchaseing and Nicely Priced.

Beautiful Bride...

.::Y&R::. Classic wedding Gown
This Gawgeous Dress is only 99 Linden atm on Marketplace Better HUrry up and GRabe it :D

Wednesday, July 13, 2011



 The Hair in the top Two Pictures are from BDR also called
Danitza 220 each Fatpack is 1490

Take it off (White):150 
You get Black, blue, Cyan, Green, Hot Pink,Pink, purple, Red, Yellow in this full pack.  The shoes bands are color change same with the inner Neko ears and Band on the tail to match the top. So worth the buy :D
Hair: Truth- Jersey

Beautiful Dirty Rich has alot of Hawt, Cyute outfits Go check it out :D so worth the Lindens.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


At the Plastik They have Aquamer skins...They are Beautiful..I'm in Love with all her skins to be honest.
This SKin I'm wearing in the Picture is [Plastik]-Aquamer-Midnightberry.
Its 399 per Skin.  When you buy the skin it comes with Elf Like ears, Eyes, and Two skins. ONe with Gills and one without.

The Outfit is from [Gauze] The outfit is - Merfolk - Black Pearl
Their Mer outfits are Beautiful.
This Skin also came with Some different eyes called Plastik.Naso Caesius Eyes
The ones i'm wearing are the Gold ones. There are twelve Eyes in this pack. So again I say SKIN worth Getting :D
Heres a Picture of some of the colors in her store.
  Also Hair is From Ploom, And where I took the picutres at is Two moon Paradise  Great for Picture takeing and they have a club there with parties and some vendors. Anyways ALL these places are SOOOO worth checking out and looking around at. :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Midsummer Night's Dream 2 Gridwide Hunt ;D

I have been recently Been Doing the MND2 hunt.  LOt of Fun. Each Item is 1 Linden to PUrchase. But the items are worth more then 1 Linden. I have finished yet just wanted to post Some of the items because the hunt Ends July 28 and Theres over 200 Items So I wanted yall to get started on it :D (some of the Pictures are photoshopped a lil bit)
Here is the Site that has tp spots to places and the hints


 This one i Love this lil miniskirt but the undies im wearing does not come with them and you will need undies but  I still that its a Great Skirt.

 Matching shoes with matching head Flower lol So cyute :D

 Beautiful choker and Earrings 

 This flower has couple poses on it...Quite Pretty I think.

 This FROG is my fave and it comes as a purple frog also. It bounces up and down as you ride on it :D

 The Dress and the flower gazebo are two seperate gifts. The Flower gazebo as you can see in the back comes with a couple poze.. ITs so Pretty.

I also love This Decor set The chair I believe has 18 Poses. Then It comes with the painting you see here the table, The candles, Mushrooms and the Vases. The vases have the lil butterfiles that float around them So cyute.  
This is the last Picture i have but as I have said there are more Items you can find and buy ONly for one linden. This Hunt is So worth it, Because Many of the items are worth more then just One linden. SO get To HuNTING :D