Monday, May 20, 2013

Pop Your Ring

Afternoon Loverlies!!  Some more new items from Ducknipple. :) This dress is Mesh and called Debby Dress with HUD.  The Shoes are mesh and called Unisex Skate Shoes with HUD.  The hair I got is from Burley two days ago.  They had a sale going on, every hair is 180.  Not for sure if it is still going.  THis hair is called Sirah II.  Poptart has these Cute Ring pops called, of course, Ringy Pops.  You can try your luck to get one of these rings in their gacha machine. :) There are some rare and super rares you can try your luck at. :)


Sunday, May 19, 2013


Loverlies, Poptart has some goodies out for y'all!!
First is this cute varsity jacket you can purchase in 4 different colors.  I am wearing the Pink Fusion one.  There is also a picture on the back I beleive of Mary?  Also they have these Cyute Headphones.  The one I am wearing is Sushi, it is Rare.  The pants I am wearing are from Boom called Manchesters Khaki.  I purchased  them from Collaber 88.  The hair is an older hair from wasabi Pills called Alice.


I love Purple Too Much!

Rebel Hope has a pretty little dress for Liaison Collaberative.  This dress is called Traci Mesh Mini Dress.  The colors you can choose from are Hawt Purple (worn in picture), Aqua, Charcoal, Fresh Green, Gold, Pink, Ruby, and Soft Blue. The hair I am wearing is another new hair from truth called Selma.  Y'all need to hurry though cuz soon it will be the end of the month and I beleive the Liaison Collaberative will end around that time. :)

The Liaison Collaberative

Friday, May 17, 2013

Gotta Love Britland!!

Hey there Loverlies!!  Ducknipple has these cyute new jeans out, that are Mesh. They are called Lazy Jeans & Shoes with HUD.  You can wear the jeans with shoes or without. I love THEM!!! They make me have a bubble butt! :)
The top I got off marketplace from Luas Urban Style called cute london top.  I got it to support my good friend Jace, just for fun really. lol  The hair is NEW from Truth called Gattina. 


Monday, May 13, 2013

Don't Mess With My Toot Toot!

Afternoon Loverlies, I wanted to show you a few more of 20.Five newest releases. :) My top is called Rabbit Hoodie and comes with a hud to change the top to 5 different colors.  The bottoms are called Jin Carpi and come with a hud with 5 different colors to change from.  The shoes are called Converse Light and also come with a hud with 5 different colors.
My hair is an older hair from Truth Called cate.  Croire is closeing, so they are haveing a sale!! Sad that they are closeing though :(.  So i went to grab this pretty eyes called ingenious eyes dusty.  Also Adorkable Poses is haveing a closing sale, of course, I had to grab me a few poses from there.  This pose  is 4 of 25 2012.  My skin is caled Silva it as made by Step Inside and you can purchase at this rounds Stuff In Stock.:)



Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's and Chapels!

Mawnin' Loverlies!! Rebel Hope has a Beautiful NEW MESH wedding gown out called Julie Bridal Gown.  You can purchase it in White (Shown in picture) or Cream.  The bouquet I bought on Marketplace for 99L, from (CW).  They are nc/nm/T and come with a holding pose.  I found This Medieval chapel, which I think is quite pretty and has some pretty scenary for picture takeing.  My hair, Yes I know i've blogged it recently, but I love it.  I found it to go perfect for this New gown.

Rebel Hope also has out a Pretty Mothers day dress, that is free for this weekend. :) It comes with earrings, necklace, and corsage.  I liked wearing this dress kinda made me feel like I was going to church.  I remember at church on mothers day they would hand out corsage's to all the mothers.  My hair is from Ploom called Sha.
Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's out there!!


Friday, May 10, 2013

You Hear A Byrdy Go Tweet Tweet?

Evening Loverlies!! I have two Beautiful gowns to show you tonight.  This first one is a FREE Gown!!  Can't get any better then that eh?  It is from the Little Big Hunt which ends on the 30th.  It is made by Sassy!
The Little Bird I have on my hand is from !bang.  It is in the Mini Set - Spring Friend pack. It comes, with the lil bird of course, also with 5 Different Poses.
My hair is From Exile called You've Got the Love Natural Fusion pack.

The Plastik has Some Loverly outfits for this round of Fifty Linden Friday. You get this loverly Gown called Morgana. Along with 1 Collar, 5 Tops, 4 minidresses, 1 Pair of boots, 2 skirts, and 1 pair of pants. So hurry up and purchase the pack before Friday is over with, otherwise you will be regretting you didn't get this deal.   I know I would have regretted it. :) The hair i got is from wasabi pills called Selene.


Gettin' My Sales On

It's FRIDAY!!! Y'all know what that Means?  Fifty Linden Friday and Fi Fridays are out!  Alrighty, The first item I am showing is this Loverly Dress called Bowlicious Dress - Floral, made by The Secret Store.  It is just too Darling Cyute  I had to have it. :)  The hair I am wearing is an older alice project hair called Grace. Shoes are From Deco.

This Loverly Spring Jacket and Tweed skirt I am wearing, in the picture below, is From ~Sassy!~.  You can purchase it at The 100 Block Fair.  Which is open from may 10th to may 31st.  The hair I am wearing is an older hair from Miss C. called Lauren.

Alrighty, Had to let my hair down to show y'all how pertty it is. lol.  This hair is out at Fi Fridays!!  So I suggest y'all hurry to go grab yours. :)  It is From Miss C. called Star.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Do You Feel Like a Prima Donna?

20. Five has some awesome new release out guys!!!  One of these releases is this cyute Mesh Dress called Ruffled Tubedress.  It comes with a Hud where you can change it to 5 Different Textures.  Also New are these Converse light, they are Unisex and come with a hud to change them to 5 different colors.  These shoes also have a resizer. :D  The hair is called Sassy from Truth. I still think i need to go grab some more before the sale ends. hehe.  The glasses I got for a great Price on Marketplace.  They are called Studded Horn Rimmed Glasses by O.M.E.N.  These glasses come with a hud where you can change them to 8 different colors.  You can also change to no lens, lens, dark tint, and clear.
The Loverly Ring I am wearing is called Olen Ring made by Kosh.  The Crystal and metal band are both color changeable.  The Watch is by Tina Tina called Lovely Watch Pink, I got it for an awesome price on marketplace. :) The Tights are made by Q called Like a Sir Tights.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Don't You Forget About Me

Egoisme has some Beautiful tops out right now!  The one I am wearing is called  Satins & Silks - Afternoon Tea Teal White.  The jeans I purchased at the NEW Collaber 88.  They are made by Ison called coated denim (silver). Another item I purchased from Collaber 88 was this pretty ring made by [AUX] called Melt My Heart - Pink. Also I finally got into TRUTH!!!  I think i forgot to get a few hairs, so Imma have to go back LOL. oopsie doodles!  The hair I am wearing is called Moxie.  Truth will have their sale till May 10th, so hurry y'alls tooshies over there and grab what you can! :)


I'll Drink To That

Scuse my avy, She's been drinkin'.  
Rebel Hope has these Cyute Dresses out at Fameshed called Christy Mesh Dress.  You can purchase this dress in Blue (shown in Picture), Gray, Cream, Green, Lavender, Peach, Pink, and Yellow.  The hair is older free gift from Red Mint. This cyute drink I have in my hand comes from a Tropical Milkshake Dispenser.  It is made by Headhunter's Island. 


Monday, May 6, 2013

Loverly Waitings

1 Hundred has a cyute new release out!! It is called Darling Babydoll.  This Mesh Babydoll comes in Mint (shown in Picture), Blue, Lavender, Pink, Peach, Strawberry, White, and Yellow. This Babydoll also comes with Tango Appliers.
The Hair I got at the Attic last month, created by Action. The Feet I am wearing are Mesh from Gos Boutique.


Kitty Mew Mew

Here are two More things I wanted to show y'all, that I purchased from The Chapter Four.  This Cyute Dress called Charm Dress (Cat Beige), made by C'est La Vie.  I So Love it!!! I actually saw a Blouse Similar to this in RL, but they didn't have my size.  They were out!!! So at least I got something similar in SL :D.  The Other Thing is this cyute Bracelet From NuDoLu.  It is from the Gatcha they have there called Elastique Etoile. I decided to go to The Pixel Bean to take my pictures at. This place is so Pretty. :) 


Le Dog

There is an event out right now that ends on the  18th of May called The Chapter Four.  You don't want to miss this Event!!! This bracelet and Top is what I purchased from the Event.  The Top is called Le Dog Shirt, it is made by Happy Pencil.  The Bracelet is created by NuDoLu.  I got it from their gatcha, and just so happens I got lucky and got the Elastique Owl. I love Owls!!! :) The Hair i got from the new We Love Roleplay event.  It is made by eep called Hair 05. The Jeans I got a few months ago from Autres called Nyx Skinny Jeans.  The Shoes are From Tres Blah, I purchased them from an older Collaber 88.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Here's For Sunny Hopes

Hey there guys There is a Sand & Sea Event Going on!!!!   So I had to show you some of the goodies you can get. :) In the Picture below is a Beach Fort from ANA. The Fort has Five different Color/Textures and the Towel has Eight Different Color/Textures.  There are Girl, Boys, and Unisex Poses in the Towel. 

In this Picture I am wearing a New Skin from Step Inside called Silva. You can purchase it at this Months SYS Project. The Hair I am wearing is from Miss C. Called Scarlett. You can purchase this hair at Euphoria.

This Bathing suit I LOVE!! It is from Poptart and is called Frilly Swimsuit with Glasses. You can get this in the Hide and Seek Hunt. :)!!! And Yes it is MESH!!

Also at Euphoria is another Miss C. Hair called Dinha. I think its a Perfect match to the scarlett hair for Roleplaying, if you are hot and want to put your hair up. :)

These Lovely items are at the Sand & Sea Event also.
The Clock is from what Next called Beach Hut Clock. I beleive it is a Beach comber Gift.  The Boat Bottle is From Chez Moi Furnitures.  The Chest, Table, Turtle Rug, Chair, and Mango Drinks are from Head Hunter's Island. The Chest and Chair have Four sit Poses in them. I think these items are Nicely done. :) 


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Feelin' Like A Sea Anemone

Here is another Awesome New Release From Ducknipple. :) This Mesh Dress is called 2Basic Dress [4], and Comes with a hud to change the color of the dress.  Also Two different belt colors Black and Grey. The Hair I purchased From Ploom called Sha, It comes with a Mask but I didn't wear that Version. :)  The Skin is an Old FLF skin from Belleza.  Shoes as in my previous posts are also from Deco!!  This Beautiful Ring is From Layla Called Siobhan Coral Agate Ring. It comes with Gold or Silver.  As I mentioned in a Recent post, Layla is Looking for Bloggers! If you are interested send her a notecard inworld with your blogger information to lonnmorgan.  

As I was going through what Windlights I wanted to use, I realized oops, Maybe I am too close.  LOL Because this Funny shadow Happened!
Seems Like My chubbyness wanted to come out into the picture. LOL Thought y'all might get a laugh out of that. :)


Never Been To The Circus

This Pretty Mesh Dress is a New Release from Pure Poison!!  I love it, It makes me think Circus Themed. It is called LouLou Dress Red and Gold. The Dress also comes in Emerald and Silver, Black and Silver, and Linen and Gold.  The Hair I found on Marketplace by searching New Releases. :) It is from Exile Called You've Got The Love Natural Fusion Pack.  I love it!!!  The Shoes are, Yes again, From Deco. lol I purchased them yesterday for only 50 L, Because they are haveing a sale on shoes atm.  So HURRY Go grab you some!!  They are Mesh and Called Seqouined Heels Bronze.  The Skin I am wearing is New  From Step Inside called Coco.  You can purchase it at The Designer Circle.  Hurry though it Ends May 11th.