Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yet another Grenade Free Wednesday!!!

Get those wallets out because GFW has got some more
Deals for ya! WOOHOO!!

Top - FY - Retro Top - Mesh -  Ten other  Choices (GFW)
Skirt - sakide - Mini Mesh skirt Leather - (GFW) Four Other Colors
To choose from
Hair - Miss. C - Julia
Tattoo - Tenjin - Every Rose has its Thorn (GFW)

Dress - [Echo] - Intermezzo Mesh Dress (GFW)
Hair - Action -Ariannah

These are just a few of the Many wonderful GOODIES so Take this
TAXI and GO check it out! 

Monday, March 26, 2012


I posted yesterday about this lovely latexy outfit from Gothica.
Well guess what!!!
You can can get it in White for FREE!!
Just Join her Group and Grab it. ( Her Group is Free also)
So why not go check it out?  I don't know a single person
who wouldn't love a freebie. and It is such  a nice freebie at that!

Outfit - Gothica - GROUP GIFT (shoes are mesh)
Hair - Truth -  Lori Mesh

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scar Tissue

Got Some more Goodies from Designer showcase for ya to check out :)

Outfit - Bubble's Designs - Elizabeth (Designer Showcase)
Hair - Magika - Andarial
Shoes - Graves - AG101 Alpha boots Black

Outfit + Shoes - .:BTS:. Too Late-Teal (Designer Showcase)
Hair - Miss C. - DJ

Say it Loud..

Came across a store called ~{Gothica}~  and found this 
awesome  outfit.  The colors are Purple, Pink, and white.

Outfit - ~{Gothica}~ Laytex Secret ! Purple !
Shoes - ~[Gothica]~ Laytex Hot Boots ! Purple ! Mesh
Hair - Lamb - Mess My little Pony

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cstar Skin. Need I say more?

Cstar has a New gatcha skin out :)
Need to get on this taxi to try to get the skin tone you want. 
Because the price goes up everyday!
I chose the  Elven Cool Tone. The other tones of the Limite
Miss Aries skins are Satin, Latte, and Cream. 
These skins you can were with the lipstick or without and different cleavage options.  The first picture I decided to go a lil artsy. The second picture shows what the Elven Cool skin is like closer.  I lOVE IT!!

Hair - Miss C. - RA - (Tropicalia Bazaar)
Outfit - Graves - G206 Defence

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Guess what's Tommorow....

Grenade Free Wednesday is Whats Tomorrow!!
Shown here are just a few items you can get.
You will have to Take this Taxi to go check out what 
else is at GFW!!!

Hair - Exile - Group Gift
Shoes - V&M Low Tops Whitout (GFW)
Shorts - [Crash Republic] - Worn out Jeans (GFW)
Tattoo - Tenjin - Whole Lotta Rosie ( GFW)
Backpack - *Epic* - Kawaii Mini Cupcake Jetpack (GFW)
Shirt - 1 Hundred - Mil group Gift 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Awesome MESH!

Tentacio Has Some newness in their store and at Perfect Wardrobe!
 Also Jesylilo Brought back a GOODY! :)))

 Shirt - Tentacio - Happy Zoo Shirts - (Perfect Wardrobe)
Pants - Tentacio - Baggy Pants (Mesh)

Skin - Jesylilo - Dollskin J4 - There are diff versions :)
This was just my fave!
Shape - Dani & Co. - Misumi Shape 
(I love wearing this shape with Jesylilo Skins!)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

MinZOM Breedables

Hey Yall!!! MinZOM Breedables is Finally open :)
They sell Meeroos/Nests, Ozimal Bunnies/Nests, 
Amaretto Horses/Bundles, BioBreed Dogs/Kennels,
Twibbles/Pods, Turtles/Eggs!!

Come on down and bring your friends :)

This is what Twibbles look like birthed :) The ones outside arent for sale. BUT
The ones inside are for sale :). They are quite new, So if you do not know much about them you can grab an information card inside the store to the left :)


They Even got some seats for the men to sit while waiting for their women :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Designer Showcase

Hurry its only for a short time. :) Designer Showcase
has Some lovely stuff out! Usually opens twice a month.
I only have a few of the items blogged below but there are ton more Goodies :)

Hair - [e] - Away
Dress - 1 Hundred - Simply Silk - White (DS)

Earrings - FUlo - Stormy Earrings - (DS)

Shoes - Lindy shoe's -  Molly - J BlkPat - (DS)

Decided to take some pics at one of my friends house. I just think its a lovely house :)
Hair - Miss C. - Mondy - subbo gift
Dress - [BC] - Pink & Plum Zebra Print (DS)

Lloyd Gatcha Festival

I was just skimming around on my Flickr and saw a post of this 
Small Gatcha Festival :) very cyute indeed, It has some interesting buys
I will say.  and The rideable things and things you can interect with are fun 
at least in my eyes lol.  It made me Giggle and Gigglein is a good time!
I decided to put this outfit on as a quick outfit lol i kinda feel hillbilly in it
maybe cuz i didn't wear shoes lOL but i was excited to go check out this gatcha festival.  Here are some of the things you can do there :)
Outfit is Free at COCO!

There are other fun Items i did not show but Take this TAXI and go look
at the goods in the Gatcha while you are there! HAVE FUN!!

Fi Fridays at GOK

Yall Don't forget!!  Fi Fridays is today and Gok has a Nice outift 
out!! It is called Straight to Animalistic :)
Hair - Lamb - Glass candy
Skin - The Plastik - Ataciara - Melody - London Fog

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

GFW and More!!!

Get Ready for tommorow! 
Grenade Free Wednesday has some Goodies out for yall :)
This is a Longer Blog so bear with meh 

Bottoms - V&M - Electric Saggy Shorts (GFW)
Skin - *Step inSide* - Gloria Meduim (GFW)
Tattoo - Tenjin - Romance Tattoo (GFW)
Hair - Miss C. - Naz
Nipple Tape - The Plastik - Invade

Jewelry - Kennedy's Clover Necklace and Bracelet (GFW)

Blouse - XO - Forgotten Romance (GFW)
Hair - Miss C. - Blair

Necklace - .HW. - BeatN Heartz Necklace (GFW)
Bottoms - blah.BLAH.blah - Booty Camo Shorts in 5 Diff colors (GFW)
Skin - Jesylilo - Group Gift skin Spring
Nipple Tape - The Plastik - Flourish Pink
Hair - Miss C. - Violet
Shoes - Action - Unisex Rockstars Low Tops

Dress - [trs] - Cozy Dress (GFW)
Shoes - Maitreya - Mesh Alexa Wedges
Hair - Miss C. - Sofia


Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hurry while Whore Couture is still up and go grab these Leggings 
from Anti-Social. They come in Two other diff colors also :)
Too Cyute! Anti-Social is new and is located on the sim of Cstar.
Also Tommorow is Lazy Sunday.......So Get ready to go grab
this pretty skin from Jesylilo!!
Let's not forget My hair is From Miss C. :) It is called Blair.


Kiss me I'm Irish.....

Here is a lil St. Pattys Day  for ya!

Shirt - Older shirt it s from Zippers
Skirt - FY - Ultra Mini Skirt ( also comes in other colors)
Bracelet - GOK - Shamballa Bracelet St. Patricks Edition
Hair - Miss C. - Violet
Skin - Jesylilo - Lindsey Lightskin *J1


Forever Young has put out Color Me Sexy Collection :)
 Dress - FY - Hooka Dress
Nails - FY - Basic Nails
Shoes - Hooka Platforms
(Each of these come in different colors :) )
Skin - Jesylilo - SIS*2* Lightskin At Stuff in Stock
Hair - Miss C. - Lila
Eyes - Jesylilo cry eyes Brown
The Shape is Done by Dani & Co. Shapes. It was
Recently blogged in a previous Blog.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Collaber 88

I had to go and get these two items at Collaber 88!
The dress is Jacket + Skirt, and the Skin Is From Illusory!
I also have black eyeliner on from MOCK. 
You must hurry to purchase this Items, because
Collaber 88 is only open for the month I beleive!
And it is worth it :)


Sunday, March 4, 2012


Holli Pocket Has this cyute dress out called  Staticlicious Minis!
There are three diff colors I am wearing the blueberry confetti. :)
The other colors are Orange confetti and Pink Confetti. 
Gotta Hurry It's Only for Lazy sundays!

(I decided to photoshop this pic a lil bit more)
Hair - Action- IVY (Not in Lazy Sunday)

Alter Ego

I Saw Alter Ego at Whore Couture a few days ago.
So I thought, Let's go Check out their store.
Very colorful I will say (Which I LOVE)
and ON the Front desk as you walk in.
There are a few good freebies I will say.
I got this one :) It is called Mistakes It comes in 
Green (as shown in pic), Black, Blue, Pink, and Red.
While you are there check out her other items SOOO CYUTE :)

Hair - Milana - Willow
Skin - Cstar - Hela Skin Fair 02
Eyeliner - Mock <3
Shoes - GOK - are posted in a previous blog :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Stumbled across This Store yesterday Twins Fashion. 
They got some cute clothes!! So yall are gonna be seeing me start blogging
about them :)

Twins Fashion - Glitter Corset - Gold ( This top also comes in diff colors :o)
Twins Fashion - Black Leather Pant
Skin - Glam Affair Linn Tann Galaxy (Also on Previous Blog)


Speaking of whores I got these lovely items at The Whore Couture ;)
Bodysuit - GOK - Straight to the Point Comes in Diff Colors)
Shoes - GOK - Spine Heels (comes in diff Colors)
Glasses - SHADZ - Whore Classic 
(they had quite a Selection of glasses to choose from)

Hair - Mirai Style - Riek
Skin - Glam Affair - Linn Tann Skin Galaxy
Nails - TGIS Nails- Glitter Collection
(Not at Whore Couture)

Friday, March 2, 2012


My first attempt with shadows and I do beleive...I have fallen more in love
with it LOL. What HAve I been MISSING :D
This Dress is a subo GIFt at Jane and Guess what ITS MESH how Awesome you
get three diff colors when you subscribe to her subbo.
Hair - Miss C. -Amelie
Skin- Glam Affair- GIO Natural Skin fall/winter



If you love mesh You are gonna love this New
Subscribo Gift From Hucci called Flowey Jumpsuit. Hurry up and go get it :)

Hair- Miss C. - Hot 
Shoes- HOC Industries - Platform Pumps
Skin- Cstar - Miss Capricorn Honey

Beautiful Goth....

Been Doing the Twisted Hunt!
got the outfit that came with the gloves at Sassy Twisted hunt.
The hair is from Miss C. Mex II in Raven :)
The Nails i got at March Madness Gatcha the designer is SCRUB.
The boots I got From Exodus Long time ago. but I don't beleive they 
are still open :(. I still love em :D
Skin Is from Glam Affair - GIO Skin Black Snow
Lovely for the Gothy kinda look hehe 



Thursday, March 1, 2012


Holli Pocket at Whore Couture :D
 Staticlicious Mini - Black
Hair: Miss C. Cigdem 

Holli Pocket - WC - Dirty Jeans w Boxer 
Says F* Me on em
Hair: Miss C. Caroline

I know its hard to get in there but keep on trying to
TP into Whore Couture. IT is WORTH IT :)