Thursday, January 31, 2013

Poppy Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts are Nommy!!! I especially love the Fruity Ones. hehe
anyways PopTart has some new items out That are MEsh.  I am legit Addicted to Mesh items. lol I can't live without em it seems.  

This is Owwie Kawaii Eye Bandage. I think its CYUTE!! It is their Group gift 
which makes it more awesome eh?

This is their GlitterPulse Skirt in Black.  Which I needed a Glitter Skirt so this is perfect.  It also comes in Grey, BUbblegum, and Galaxy (which is a blue color)

These are their UGGY Boots.  These are called Cupcake. You can also purchase them in Leopard Or Bowgasm.  I just love strawberries lol.

Here is your Taxi:

Oh what a Relief it is...

I am very excited to say Etchaflesh has some new goodies out!!!
I probably repeat myself alot on their items, but they just do so well on their textures for their  Mesh clotheing.  I will only be posting one of each new item.  but the dresses come in different patterns/colors.

Lissa Bluebird Nola Underbust Corset
The Hair is From Elikitara sale, Called Caramel and it is Mesh.

Nightwish Nola Underbust Corset

Virgin Sacrifice Scream Queen Gown
The Hair is from RedMint.  I found it in the front where her signs are. YOu have to join the group to get this hair. It was free!! It states Demo but It is free and is MESH. There were Two different styles of hairs and you could buy any color you wanted to.  Hurry I donno when this Great freebie will be up though.

Sweetling Don't Cross Me Dress 
Hair is From Elikitara Again - Non Mesh
Here is your Taxis:

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mint Freshness

I just had to go on a search and purchase a Mint Green Top!!
Well i found the perfect one at Mon Tissu Called the Spade blouse.  The color of course is called Mint Garden. and Yesh it is MESH. One of my new obessions to wear daily lol. 
(good thing about sl you can wear the same clotheing for a month without the stinch LOL)
The Hair i just recently got from Magika called Clarify and is also Mesh.  I thought it looked a lil different then what I already had :). 


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Brrrrrrr...IT is still winter.. :)

Rebel Hope has come out with Some pretty Coat Dresses for sale.  They are called CHanning Mesh Coat Dress.  I am wearing the Cornflower blue color.  The Coat Dresses also come in Plum, Purple, Wine, Wheat, Charcoal, Chartuese, Chocolate, Gray, and Sage.

Friday, January 11, 2013


Hair - Ploom - Kinsley - Mesh ( I love this hair you can wear it with the coon tail style or without)
Etchaflesh - Skullington All tucked in OUtfit - Mesh. I just love etchaflesh.  This store does some awesome mesh corsets etc. Also from Etchaflesh are my shoes. They are called Pin up Mary Pains shoes.  They have them and different types of textures, and the price is only 99 L.  It is a GREAT deal!!
SilentSparrow - Rainbow Uni-ee Mesh Plush Unicorn.  ( I adore this plushie   LOL :) )
Curio - one of The Freebies in Curios group - Petal Frex Party Girl Potion 2

Pop Tart - yuki sweater Pixel bows Mesh ( they also have a few different printed ones to choose from.  I love the bow one lol )
Twins Fashion - again i know these mesh jeans i just love em
G Field - Ribbon Slingback Shoes (also another love lol )

Get Ya some CObblestones....

I have come across a Few accesories that are MOST needed for the house ;)
What  I most like about This store other then THey make awesome Items, They are affordable!!!   

Cobblestone January Desk Blueberry (The items were not linked together, Which makes it awesome you can arrange it however you want to!!)
Sweater - Censored - kawaii hunt #6 20L
Shoes - Censored - Kawaii Hunt # 5 20L
Jeans- Twins Fashion - mesh
Hair- Wasabi Pills - Alice mesh hair

Just a Closer look at what ya get!! :) and yes the picture frame, you can put any picture you want in it.

Cobblestone - Harmony Lanterns - Tin

Cobblestone - Witty Wood Signs ( just what I needed for my house :D so Perfect!!)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Everything 1 Hundred

1 Hundred I beleive is such an awesome store. About everything in this store is 100.  There are a few items i found that are less then 100.  Who could argue with that!!!  Not many stores have such great deals on their items.  I Snapped some of the items I love in 1 Hundred.   Enjoy!!!

1 Hundred - Mesh Cadence Top with Basic Black Leggings.

Hair - Truth Subbo Gift
Earrings - Je Suis tente Fire Earrings

1 Hundred - Warm me up Leggings
Mesh Warm me up top
(these leggings also come in White, Light blue, Sand, and black)
(These tops also come in white, Light Blue, Sand, Wine, Olive, Blue, Plum, and Dusty Rose)

Shoes - Coco Group Gift
Hair - Boon Uii117

1 Hundred - Mesh Slip on Set
(also comes in White, Pink, Sand, Dusty Rose, Light Blue, Plum, Blue, Wine, and Black)

Hair - Elekitira Abbey Mesh

1 Hundred - Mesh POE hunt Gift Innocence Dress

Hair - Truth (old Subbo Gift)

1 Hundred - Mesh New in 2013 Hunt gift Club Dress

(pulled a friend of mine, David Venter, ON the dance floor to get a shot of the dress while dancing lol.  Thx David)

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Fameshed is back and Rebel Hope has some more goodies for us!!
She has for us a Charlie Mesh Sweater, Pants, and Bag.
The colors the Sweater Comes in are Black, Blue,Grey, Green, Lavender, Rose, and Teal.  The Colors the pants Come in are Black, Brown, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Natural, Navy, and White. The colors the bag comes in are Dark Grey, Natural, Navy, Teal, Rose, and White. and of course They are all MESH items.