Thursday, February 28, 2013

Faux is Bettah Faux you!

I went on Marketplace and noticed Layla Luxe Design has Some cyute Faux Fur hats for sale. :) These Faux hats Come with two Different Styles to wear them.  And also Four different Brooches you can Wear on them.  There is a Diamond Star Brooch Silver/Gold, and Diamond Square Brooch Silver/Gold. They are also Copy/Mod, so you can move it to fit your head and then move the brooch to fit on the hat if you like, or wherever else you want to wear it ;).  From Right To left: Faux black Karakul Hats & Brooches, Faux Leopard Hats & Brooches, Sascha Faux Silver Fox Hats & Brooches. I am also Wearing the Rebel Hope Channing Mesh Coat dress in Charcoal. The hair I used is From Elikitara called Again.


Sometimes ya just gotta let Your Slut hang out

Etchaflesh has some Awesome items at Whore Couture Fair, which starts on March 1st.  The items Shown below are the Wicked Darkness Dress mesh and the Piece of Me Gluttony Boots Mesh. The Hair is from Action called Evey/Naturals.  Of course, I'm So ditzy, That when i purchased this hair i did not realize you can change the color and texture of the two strands you see that are pink.  There are also about three strands on top you can change, but I just made them blonde. (see here in Previous Post)
I found this sim just cruising along the search box.  Not really for sure what it is but it's awesome I think. lol. It was called The Point of Derivation.

The Wicked Darkness Dress comes with a Hud where you can change the texture!! You can also change the belt color and tint the dress, which I think is Perfect. :)

I decided to show off some of the Fishnet Textures of these Piece of Me gluttony Boots.  Etchaflesh also has another choice of boots Called Sweet Little Sister boots.  Which are similar. They both come with a hud that contains 7 upper Options, 7 Tiptoe Options, 17 Sole Options, 13 Fishnet Options, 16 Base Skin Tones, color, Tint, and Shine. The main differences are Piece of Me Gluttony is a Leather Texture. The upper and tiptoe option you can change to Light Grey, Purple, Pink, Dark Grey, Green, Brown, and Black.  The Sweet Little Sister Boots has a  Cloth Texture.  The Upper and Tiptoe Option you can change to Light Grey, Red, Purple, Pink, Green, Blue, and Black.

This top is called  Bluebird Showoff Corset, also from Etchaflesh. I just love this blue color. :) It is Mesh and comes with Tango Applier.  The Hair I am wearing is From Miss C. called Act/blonde I have also paired it with Miss C. Hairbase/blonde. This hair Will be at Fi Fridays Tommorow, so make sure you don't miss that event!! (nipple Tapes From *DG*, no longer open)

One more outfit I am showing from Etchaflesh that will be at Whore Couture is called Whore Couture Exclusive outfit. It comes with the Nipple tape, belt, skirt, corset, and Whore Couture Gluttony Boots. 

Whore Couture (will Post when I get a slurl)
Fi Fridays (will post tommorow)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

All Dressed up and Ready to Go!!

Rebel Hope has Two Beautiful Gowns out.  I am so Happy!!  I find myself on edge waiting for her next release everytime lol. 
The first gown is called Shelly Mesh Gown, You can purchase them in Red (shown in picture), Aqua, Black, Blue, Golden, Green, Purple, and Silver.
The second Gown is called Vienna Mesh Gown, You can purchase them in Nectarine (shown in Picture), African Violet, Charcoal, Emerald, Grayed Jade, Midnight Blue, Parsley Green, Pewter, Red Poppies, and Royal Purple. So many choices you cannot go wrong. :D The eyemakeup is From the Freestyle Store, made by Mock. It is called Party all night Indifference Desert Sand and is FREE. 



Pink Cherry has a new Release out called Sexy Jeans mini Outfit Mesh.
The Colors you can purchase are Brown (shown in Picture), Pink, blue, Grey, and White. The skin I am wearing is From the New Freestyle Store!! Just opened today, I will admit was quite laggy, but of course cuz everyone wants to be there. lol So many goodies.  There are two different levels to look around at.  
You can find items from 0L to 50L.  This skin I am wearing I bought from the Freestyle store for 50L it is from Pink Fuel called Alena Vanilla Azure. 

I purchased these Eyelashes from Redgrave for 100L called Twilight.  Yesh I know they are Prim eyelashes with the texture.  But I do not have as much of an issue with them Flickering as I have noticed with my other Eyelashes.  I am so thankful. :) The lipstains I am wearing are also From the Freestyle Store.  They are by Cupcakes and were Free, called freestyle Lippies almond.


Lace Thoughts

PopTart has These cute items out at the XYROOM. :)
The dress is called Sweater Mini Dress (Mr. Bones) and costs 99L and the Horns are Called Shi Horns Onyx and costs  75L.  They are both Mesh. :)
They are Only availabe at the XYROOM, Which starts Tommorow 2/28/2013 at 3Pm SLT.  The hair I am wearing is from Miss C. Called Ava/Strawberry.  It is Partial Rigged Mesh.  The Shoes are Mesh and from Etchaflesh.  They are called  Vampira Booties, I purchased Them on marketplace for 99L.  The tights I bought for 15L in a pack of 3.  They are from Outrage called Lace 
Leggings pack  1.


Sunday, February 24, 2013


My Friend Layla Has made this Beautiful Teardrop ring Blue/purple For FREE!!  What is awesome they are full perm so you can tint it like i did in my picture.  I will quote what she wrote on her marketplace about it below the First picture.  So y'all can understand the meaning behind it :).  Also what I am wearing I found at Dandelion Wine. It was a free hunt gift and comes with a hud to change the tops texture. Alot of her clothing are extremly cheap prices also, and well done. My hair is from Elikitara called abbey.

"Why the blue water drop? We are wearing the blue water drop to show our opposition to the destruction of our land and water by unsustainable development projects. Together we can fight against tar sands exports, the building and expansion of pipelines, and the increase of tankers off the West coast [and worldwide!].
The blue water drop is a visual link to connect us to each other, to the movement, and to the resources we are fighting to protect.
A couple weeks ago (fall of 2012 actually), a handful of people pinned blue felt water drops on their jackets to express opposition to tarsands pipelines and tankers that threaten our waters. Inspired by the Quebec student movement's red square, these humble pieces of felt are now poised to become a powerful symbol of the growing movement to defend our waters from tarsands oil. If we pool our creativity and energy we can make this huge."
Since then tons of people in British Columbia have joined together to make tons of blue drops to pass out freely and wear showing our unity with these goals.
I also encourage you to make these in REAL and pass them along as well!
I decided to make this bluedrop ring a while ago and finally found out how easy it is to set up on Marketplace. I made the rings with full permissions so that people can freely pass the rings around to all (please do not sell) and can modify them, changing the colours and textures (made by me with a free fractal creation program) if desired as well as attaching them as earrings or badges."
Please have fun with them and give them out widely!
Thanks so much.
Layla Aleksandrovna


Stud Love

Hey Guys!! Guess what?  Thanks To my friend David Venter. I had my blog redid. lol
I love it. I hope it is easy on my viewers eyes to read and what nots. YAY!!
Pure Poison has some New release out in their store.  They are called JG Spikes Mesh, and come in colors such as Blue, Green, Nude, Pink, Red.
I Noticed you can purchase the nude and the black pair at Stuff In Stock for 65 Linden if I remember right. :)

Pure Poison also has some Hand Bags That are new releases out at their store. 
They are called Luana Studded Handbag mesh.
You can purchase them in  Blue, Brown, Green, nude, purple, and Red.

In the picture below I am wearing the Luana Studded Handbag Mesh Black.
The Top I purchased From Corvus It is called Black Blazer with Tee, and is Mesh.  The black leather leggings I purchased Off of Marketplace. It was a shirt and tights pack for 30 L From *Kitja*.  The hair is Mesh and From Action called  Evey.  My shoes I also purchased off of Marketplace from Etchafelsh. They are mesh and only 99L.  My eyeshadow I purchased From Corvus called Deep Black Eyeshadow.  The Lip Gloss is from Pink Acid. It was a store gift (not for sure if they are still out). 

Pure Poison also has a Jakie Studded Mesh Handbag at Sl Fashion Week. The colors you can purchase them in are Black, Teal, Brown, and Red. For only 70 L if I remember right :). But you better hurry they restock every friday.


Friday, February 22, 2013


Pink Cherry has this Cute Cyber Mini Girl MiniDress.  I am wearing the Pink one of course. :)  The hair I am wearing is From Mina  Called Spice.  I love this funky hair I purchased from The Attic.  Hurry up and Grab it!!


A Muse Ing

Pink Cherry and Beautycode have some new items out. 
The Dress below is Strapless Dress Muse  BW Striped.  The other colors you can purchase it in are Black, Pink, Purple, and Red. The hair is from Miss C. (also a new realease :) ) It is partial Rigged Mesh called Ava.  I love it!!! The eye Makeup is from Corvus Deep Black Eyeshadow.

This Dress is called seqouin outfit Violet. You can also purchase it in these colors Silver, Blue, Gold, and Pink. The skin is from Beautycode named Dominique Sunkissed Glitter F (l)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

No Grief!

Sassy! has a blouse for sale at The Designer Circle. The Blouse is called Intrigue Blouse - Lavender.  I paired it with This Cyute Mesh skirt From GOK.  They Do not have a Mainstore up yet, but They put an Outlet Store up of their Older stuff. :) This skirt is called Cherries Peplum Skirt Black Leather.
The Tights I got off the Marketplace for 15L I love them with their cyute lil Mustaches lol. They are made by Q. The Hair I also bought from the marketplace for 10 L. It is mesh.  The hair is called Jessica and is by Rumina.


You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

The Boobies Show has started!! Sassy! has a Smexy dress called Scandalous dress. It comes with Lush and Tango Appliers, or as Shown in the picture, without any Appliers. :)  The colors you can choose from are Plum (shown in picture), Beige, Black, Blue, Brown,Deep Pink, Olive, Pink, Red, and White. 
The hair I am wearing is From Catwa, named Non Rigged Mesh Katniss V2 Light Blondies.  I bought this Pretty Hair off the marketplace for 99 Linden!!! It also comes in different colors. The shoes I Purchased from Stuff in Stock. They are from Pure Poison called Nude Lisa - Spiked Platforms.


Make Me Out of Clay

Sassy Has some items at the You're gonna Love This Sale Event.
It ends Feb 28 So ya'll better hurry up and grab these awesome Items.
The Dress I am wearing is called Julia Dress in White.  The Hair I am wearing is From Miss C. called Kallisto.  You can find the Hair at Stuff in Stock.

Here is Another Beautiful dress from sassy you can pick up from the YGLTS event. This Dress is called Milan Dress - Winter. She has so many to choose from. Even some non mesh clothing.  I just love her textures. This Hair is called Marcey and you can purchase it at Stuff in Stock. It is done by Miss C.

The Top I am wearing Is one of the non mesh items you can buy at the event. :)
The Hair is from Miss C. at Stuff in Stock also, it is called Lexie.  Also an item I found there was this loverly Skirt.  I just love blouses or skirts with birds or anything animaly on it. lol. It is mesh and From C'est la Vie called Skater skirt (Bird Ivory). The skin I am wearing is from LionSkins called Maja Teen Pale.

There are 12 Different Makeups You can get for this skin.
Different Pinks, Different Freckles, and Also Tears.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm Feelin Sassy Tonight!!

Sassy Still has out Their Valentine's Gift.  It is very pretty.  Too pretty to miss out on it.  As shown in the picture us without Lola's or tango's can also wear them.  But it does come with the applier for lola's and Tango's.  Which is awesome! Hurry and Grab it Before she does take it up! ;)
The shape I am wearing is from Dani & Co.The Shape is  called Aida.  The Shoes I purchased off Marketplace From Teefy. They sure do come in handy alot of times. I love them :) The Underwear are from Boom in the Pop Unders Panties Pack, and the Nipple Tape is from The Plastik called Blush.

This Next Dress is also From Sassy Called Starlet Gown.  The color I am wearing is called Forest and It is MESH.  There are alot of colors to choose from. I love it! The shap I am wearing below again is From Dani & Co. She makes some Pretty shapes!!  It is called Reenea.  The makeup I am wearing is  full Makeup layer From Pink Acid.  It is Free, They had lil boxes around that were free. :) Also the underwear from Boom You can find it in the same pack as i described above.  The nipple tape is from The Plastik called Invade.


It's a Tawny Life

Masoom Has a few items out at The Black Market. One of these items is this cute lil black and white ruffley dress called Kumi, it is mesh. The Black Market is open from Feb 15 - March 12. The Price of this Dress is 100 L.
The Hair is From Elikitara called Again.

The Lovely Shape I am wearin is called Kirsten From Dani & Co.
The Underwear I am wearing is From Boom From their Pop Unders panties selection ( not really for sure if they still have them).  The Nipple Tape is from The Plastik called Flourish Pink. The Eyes are From By Snow. I purchased them on the marketplace for 0 Linden!! They are Mesh which makes them even more awesome the Color is called Mushroom.

Dani & Co.
The Plastik
By Snow

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Aren't You Just Darling

Just Darling has Come out with Two New Beautiful Gowns.  I am still Addicted to the one dress I blogged here.  I always find myself wearing it LOL.
This First Gown is called Leandra Mesh Gown Blue.  I just love how The creator made the bottom half sheer, So Pretty. :)
The Hair is a Gift From Eaters Coma, and it comes in all colors. You just have to join the Group which is free to join!!

This Next Dress is called Cora Mesh Gown Peach. I just love the Deatailing on the sides of it. :) The skin I am wearing is  group Gift in the Pink Fuel Skin called Sultry Skin. The group is also Free to join. 
The hair is the group gift that was in Truth's Subscribo at the beginning of the year. Not for sure if it is still there. The Pearl Earrings and Bracelet, (which also comes with a Necklace), are from Maxi Gossamer.  They are free at the Energy Club, You will have to join the group which is also free. :) 
Now these Gifts you need to hurry up and grab them. I am not for sure how long they will be up.

Here are your Taxis: