Thursday, February 28, 2013

Faux is Bettah Faux you!

I went on Marketplace and noticed Layla Luxe Design has Some cyute Faux Fur hats for sale. :) These Faux hats Come with two Different Styles to wear them.  And also Four different Brooches you can Wear on them.  There is a Diamond Star Brooch Silver/Gold, and Diamond Square Brooch Silver/Gold. They are also Copy/Mod, so you can move it to fit your head and then move the brooch to fit on the hat if you like, or wherever else you want to wear it ;).  From Right To left: Faux black Karakul Hats & Brooches, Faux Leopard Hats & Brooches, Sascha Faux Silver Fox Hats & Brooches. I am also Wearing the Rebel Hope Channing Mesh Coat dress in Charcoal. The hair I used is From Elikitara called Again.


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