Thursday, May 31, 2012

I shrank...

Gothica has these Lovely Dresses out now.
I just happen to be wearing the blue one, but you can also purchase it in Pink and White. The Dress is called Black Pepper! (Not For Petites)

(I Love the Drawing that They use for this Video, I just cant help stareing at it lol)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Bunch of Loverly CoconutZ

Here we are Today at another Loverly Round of GFW.
They have some swell Goodies this Round. Along with some of the items being 
MESH Again. YIIPEEE I say!!!

Dress - FY - Eye Candy Dress (GFW)
Hair- Ploom - Aria (fitting name eh?) Mesh (My Attic)

Top- trs Wildlife Tee Rabbit (also in lion and sparrow) (GFW)
Hair - [e] - changes

Dress - S&C - Flow Dress MESH :) (GFW)
Hair - Exile - older subbo Gift

Skin - Step Inside - Anika (GFW)
Dress - Zinas Summer Dress Teal Mesh (GFW)
Hair - Kletva - Joss Blond Super Summer - Old TDRB Hair

These are Just a few of the Items you can purchase at GFW. So TAke that taxi up at the top because there are alot more you can grab :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bubble Pop!

Stopped by a Friends house and thought what a perfekt Picture spot for this outfit :D I am wearing Bubble Gum From Pink Fuel (Which is Color Changeable, and animated)  My Sporty top and Shorts are from League. The HAir is from Love Soul with Color Changeable visor (Which I love).  My Shoes are Felicia's Fashion and they are color changeable.  The Bicycle is from What Next. I purchased the Chelsea Bicycle set.  Whatever set you buy comes in all colors. The differences are the Baskets! :)

Monday, May 28, 2012


Etchaflesh Has some Awesome Corsets!!! 
They are also Mesh so yeah makes it more Awesomer lol 
(yeah I know its not a word)  
Take this TAXI and Take a Gander at her lovely Corsets. They are well worth it :)


Skin Addiction Event is going on. And there are some pretty skins there.
Specially this miasnow skin :D
The Tones are Dark, Exotic, Pale, and Tan!!
Of course I am wearing Pale. I love it and they come with Dimpled version. 

Top - Jane - FuFu TuTu Torqouise MESH
Bottoms - Twins Fashion - Dark Blue Mesh Jeans
Shoes - G. Field subbo Gift

Sunday, May 27, 2012


There is a Home Expo Going on and FD Decor is in it :)
Charity is RFL :) So well worth Buying at this expo.
FD has this lovely Mudroom Cabinet there.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Like to PaarrrtaaayyY!!!

GOK and GLoxx have new items out!!!


Top - Gloxx - Vest Brune Pink Mesh
Pants - GOK - Crimple Pants Mesh

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Dog Days are Over

Decided to take a pic in my lil house I have :)
This lovely dress is at Designer Showcase.  The Designer is Sassy! and the dress is called Infatuation. Which I Love its Glittery AHHH GLITTER!!. I love to run my hand through glitter feels good... lol
anyways hurry and grab it before they change sets again :)

Boom Ba Boom BAH!!!

Forgive meh because I will be useing same background. in this Blog lol I wanna be able to get all Up. BECAUSE Today is GFW and you have Today only to go grab these AWESOME Items!!

Top - *S&C* Mesh Circles (GFW)
Shorts - The Plastik
Shoes - Furore - Mesh Ballets
Hair - Tameless - Flower

Top and leggins - Aissence - Lucy Mesh vest and Sliced Leggins (GFW)
Shoes - Equ!p - My Leo Ankle Boots Mesh (GFW)

Tenjin Hellion in Heels Tattoo (GFW)

Hair - Miss. C - Lauren
Skin - Jesylilo - Jessica Bronze Skin J1
 Eyes - Jesylilo - Cold Green

 Top - Zinas - ellie Mesh Blue Paisley (GFW)
Pants - TRS Highwaist Jeans - Classic Denim , I am wearing them not as high waist but regular :) (GFW)
Skin - Step inside - Delia Medium (GFW)


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows

Yes New stuff out at Designer Showcase.  And For Great Prices!!
The Top Picture Is an outfit from Beyond the Stars you get top, bottoms, belt and even SHOES!!  It is a Great Deal to pass up. 
Shown on the Bottom Picture is a Lovley Summer Dress called Kendall Dress yellow, Oh and its MESH!! Im not even that fond of Yellow And I LOVE IT. :D makes me wanna live near a beach and what nots. :) 
Take this TAXI to Designer showcase and do not miss out there are more great deals there!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cameo Lover

Chloe Has a new outfit out!  The top is Mesh and comes in diff colors. The leggins
come with the outfit also :) Which I LOVE. The hair I got from Ploom called haley.  and the Skin you can find at Stuff in Stock its by Jesylilo. Very Pretty like all her skins are!!
 Taxi's are Found Below the Picx!!!

You could've had it All

Piece of Mind Designs has a Lovely outfit out called 
Just Peachy In Eden.  What is awesome is it is a full Outfit top, Bottoms, and 
Sandals. Oh and the Sandals are MESH!!! They come with a skin hud Which of course makes things easier to Tint :) You can find this Outfit at Designer Showcase For 99 Which makes it SOo much more loveable eh?
The Skin in the picture is from Jesylilo :) it is the May Group Gift, Very pretty!!
and the Hair I am wearing is from The dressing Room Blue, From Exile I LOVE IT!  Taxi's Are below the Picture ;)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

{pretty face}

The top is from a lovely store called Gloxx. It is Marie Fruit Mesh top. 
There are other prints you can choose from!!
The jeans are an older purchase from Jane Which is Mesh. 
Shoes I got from [Furore] They are also mesh, I Love these flats!
 The hair is from Miss C. called Ebru Very Pretty! :)
Last but Not least the Skin is from Belleza :D it is their new Group gift. I Think its Gawgeous :) 
 Taxis are below the picture ;D


I wanna Settle Down

Furore has this Lovely Mesh Grown. The color I am wearing is Satin Barbie.
There are Many colors to choose from :D
The Hair is From Boon UII117 I love it part dreads part non dreads lol. So CYUTE
 Taxi's are Below the Picture.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Moses suposes his toeses are roses But Moses supposes erroneously

GOK is on the ball getting New Items out recently. 
You can Purchase these at the Ashraya Fair!!

GOK Leopard Bardot Dress Nude
Comes in other colors 

GOK Spiked UK Diped
There are alot of other chooses of Shorts to choose from!!

GOK Halter Dress Red
Comes in other colors :)

GOK Tricolor Dress
Comes in other colors ;)

GOK  Bow Suspender Tights 
Comes in Different Colors also

Each Dress is Mesh ;) 
So hurry and use that taxi i posted at the top of this blog and check out Ashraya Fair!!!!!


Springy Days

Found another lovely item from Designer Showcase!
This dress is from 1 Hundred. called Glamour II.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm Sexy and I know it...

Twins fashion has a new dress out, Perfect to go Clubbin in ;)
It is called Tank Backless Dress and It comes in a Variety of Colors.
I am wearing the Purple Tank backless Dress.

Yet Again Another GREAT GFW!!

Hey Guys!!! It is Yet another Wonderful GFW!!! 
Yall need to get down to the Jersey Shore and Grab the Goodies :D
 alrighty On to what I am wearing :)

Hair - Ploom - Seffy II
Top - FY - Diva cropped Tee 3 Colors (GFW)
Tattoo - Tenjin - Words of Wisdom (GFW)
Skin - Step Inside - Malika Normal (GFW)
Pants - Aura - Class Act Jeans Mesh (YOLO HUNT)

Hair - Mirai - Riek (Older Hair But I still Loves it)
Outfit - Pheonix collections - Sydney Mint and also in Blue (GFW)
Skin - Step Inside - Malika Rosy - pale (GFW)
Shoes- HOC - Platform Pumps color Change

Hair - [e] - Soft
Dress - LMD - June Mesh Dress Parfait, also in Lilac and citrus (GFW)
Skin - Step Inside - Malika Tan (GFW)
Shoes - [Furore] - Mesh Ballets *Creame*

Hair - Alice Project - Mesh Amiya
Dress - Crash Republic - Bandage Dress Red (GFW)

Hair - Action - Ariannah
Dress - Zinas - Missy Black and also in Red (GFW)
Shoes - FY - Hooka Platforms

Glasses - Kennedy's - Summer Sunglasses White
comes in a variety of colors :) (GFW)
The picture to the Right basically is showing what the Step Inside Skins makeup look like for the GFW :D very Pretty!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Love, Love, Love.....

Cstar has Two Lovely skins out at Two diff Fairs!!
I have also came across another store that has Mesh and Reasonable Prices :)
So many Awesome Things in Only one blog! How much better
can it get eh? lol 

Skin - Cstar - Mamba Skin and SHape (ashraya Fair)
Eyes - Cstar - Amber
Dress - Ricielli - Mothers day hunt Every item is 15 L and Mesh
Hair - Miss C. - Adele

Skin - Cstar - Osumare (culture Shock)
Dress - [Chloe] - Dress Victorious Green
Hair - Letluka - rush (older hair)

Friday, May 4, 2012

GOK at the Culture Shock

This lovely Bodysuit is From GOK and You can purchase it at Culture Shock which starts Tommorow :)  So Get your mouses ready to TP there when it opens. Also The hair I am wearing is one of the hairs From Miss C. at Tropicala Bazzaar you can Purchase!!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ready for the summer :)

I was browsing across marketplace and came upon this store called
Splendeurs.  They have alot of neat summer items :D
What's even better they have MESH!!!  
So of course I needed to get something from there. lol

Top - !! SPLENDEURS !! Mesh Cai Cai Top - Tartan Pink :)
Hair - Magika - Subbo Gift Mesh
Pants - Boom - Seaman Pants Navy
Necklace - (Yummy) Vintage Camera  
Skin - Filthy - May Group Gift


There's a Light....

Designer Showcase has some New and Awesome goodies out this Round :D

Hair - Ploom - Hayley MESH
Top - Jane - Old Freebie
Pants - Siss Boom - Aristocrat Farmer Pants Mesh (Designer Showcase) 

Hair - Lamb - Heart Subbo Gift!
Top - Sassy! - Rock me Sweater (Designer Showcase)
Pants - FY - Skinny Jean
Shoes - Loordes Of London - Knottingham Boot Pink (Designer Showcase)