Sunday, March 31, 2013

Never Too early To drink Wine

Too early to have wine??? I think NOT!! Was hanging at a friends house and decided to raid his fridge. LOL. Thx Jace. :) This lovely Dress I am wearing is From Masoom and is MESH.  You can purchase it from The Event Hollywood. :)
The skin I am wearing is from Step Inside called Tash.  It comes with NOrmal (worn in picture), Rosy Pale, and Tan. The hair I have posted before in Blonde But I am just in love with this hair!! It is from magika called Please.  The Eyelashes are a new fave, Just cannot stop wearing them they are from Redgrave called 31 extra long.

Easter FUn!!

Got Some Easter Goodies For y'all.  Today I went to Pink Fuel, Ploom, and Auxillary.  They are all haveing an easter Egg  Hunt that Ends today, So you better hurry up your Tushes and Grab Em!!  The Hair is From Ploom, They had two Eggs out to grab.  Pink Fuel Had this Lovely skin in their Egg for 5 Linden. Great Steal!!! The Dress was From Auxillary.  They had about 3 Eggs if I remember. :) LOve It!! The shape I am wearing is called Peneolope From .::Saal Body Inc::. Very cyute I will say. :D The Eyes are Mesh and are Freebies From Swallow, another great find!! The Pose is From Masoom, It is Hareem Pose 5. You can find this Pose at The Pose Fair. 


Saturday, March 30, 2013


I few goodies to show yall. They are recent releases From Step Inside and ducknipple!!  The first I will mention is this Beautiful skin from Step Inside.  It's from The New Round of Designer Circle, Which starts on April 1st.  So y'all better have your TPS ready to go grab this skin. There are 3 Skin Tones, Parted Lips, and Cleavage options.  The skin tones are Normal (shown in Picture), Rosy pale, and Tan. :)  This loVely lil dress is from Ducknipple called Layla. It comes with a hud with 12 Different Textures for the top, 12 Different Textures for the skirt, and 6 Different colors for the belt To choose From.  Which I beleive is worth it. :) Love this lil dress, So cute!!  The shoes I also got from Ducknipple called Studded Boots W/ HUd.  The Hud has 14 Different Colors to choose from and also a resizer.  These shoes are unisex. :) The hair i Got about a month ago from Eaters Coma, It was a group Gift.   The sim I am in is a Country Roleplay Sim I beleive called kansas, Something like that lol.  I wanted a country look.  The teleporter was not working at the top, so sadly lol I tped in on some folks roleplaying as native americans.  They were very nice about it also.  Seems like a nice place to roleplay I guess if you like roleplaying country :).  I will put a Landmark below Just incase yall are interested in looking around.   And don't worry yall wont tp in on anyone, the landmark I saved is for where i took the Pictures at. ;)


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Getting Down in the Jungle

Egoisme Has a beautiful Skin out Called Evian -Aphorodite.  The Tone I am wearing is Pale. I love how it looks on me!  Makes me look different then I normally do, but I am liking the Difference Very much.  You can Purchase the skins also in xpale, medium, tan, and dark.  The Bra and Panties I am wearing are from *MonCheri* called Simplicty Set Embelished (Navy).  Found it pretty decent for the price it was, I beleive it is one of the older items of theirs. :)
Again My feet are from Gos Boutique, ONe of the best Mesh Feet you will Find I am sure. The Hair I am wearing is From Magika called Please.  The Sim I am on is one of my Favorite Sims Called Jungleboys.  The owner Taylor Spyker just recently  got back from his vacation and has been remodeling it.  I am not for sure if he has finished yet or not, but he has gotten alot done!!  It is a very pretty sim and I have had alot of fun times with The folks that go there. :) Also I beleive they still have Treehouses for Rent!!


A Friend of Mine Hayley Portland Made a video of the Jungle which shows Exactly what all you can find at Jungleboys. :) Please take a look.

On My Own

Poptart has these cute bunny Hoodies out that are perfect for an easter themed look.  Or just perfect for any type of wear actually lol.  I am wearing the white Bunny Hoodie, I like it better cuz it has the Pink in the ears.  Yes I finally Broke down and Got some Mesh Feet, They are from Gos Boutique.  They were alot easier to match the skin then the Slink Demos I tried on sadly.  The other Plus is they are cheaper :).  They also have a section where you click configure on the Hud and It should take you to a Page that names all these different skin stores, Which makes it easier to match to whatever skin you wear. Very awesome!!  The hair I am wearing is an Older hair from Magika Called Distracted.  The skin was from The Arcade, Glam Affair, I am in love with her skins LOL.  The sim is called Hazardous, Very neat how you enter into the sim :).  It has quite a few little spots that are good for pictures!!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The Plastik has Some AWESOME shoes out right now, called The Anathaema Legs.  The ones I am wearing are called Hydra, I Love the color in the hydra texture. So PRETTY!  The Heel part come in three styles you can wear, such as Black, White (tintable), and Colored. They are 100% Mesh and Modifiable.  Another awesome thing is there are 23 patterns and 12 colors you can choose from.   The skirt I am wearing is from Ducknipple called Mesh Denim Mini Skirt Warm and I paired it with a  Top  from the SLX Rolmops Outfit.  The hair I chose to wear is from Eaters Coma 08 Red and is also Mesh. :)


Bunny Foo Foo

Step Inside has an Easter Group gift out that is Cyute!! It's this Pretty Pink dress that is mesh, and also comes with a bunny tail, collar,wrist cuffs, and ears :). The skin I am wearing is also from Step Inside called Runa Rosy Pale Pack.  I am wearing the Eyeshadow 2 from the pack also.  You can purchase this skin from the skin fair it comes in Dark tan, Tan, Normal and has alot of eyeshadows and lipsticks in them you can choose from :) You better hurry though I beleive skin fair ends on the 31st of March!! The hair I am wearing is from magika Called Clarify.  The pose I am showing is from ..:Saal body Inc:..  They have three Poses in the Spring Cart Sale I am useing female pose 1. SPring cart sale runs until april 1st.


Bundle Of Cyute

XYROOM starts April 1st and I have two Teasers for ya from PopTart.   They are very cute I shall say!!  The first item is This Slouchy Dress (sugar Rush), and the second are these adorable glasses called I see Stars Glasses. They will be available there for a discounted price. Very Awesome Indeed. :)
The hair is an Old Group Gift From Exile called Bring it on (frosted), I still love wearing it lol.  The shoes I purchased are Callia's Soft Leather  Simple Flats (White) From Tee*fy.  The Socks I purchased for One Linden at {Love Me}, They had other colors for sale also. The Pose I am useing is Female Stand Pose 3 and is from ..:SAAL BODY INC:.. It is in the Female Stand Poses Pack.  The skin Is Swallows New Group Gift Anja!!  All you do is join their group, and It was free, so Yeah a great Gift!!

XYROOM (I will Post the Link when it starts)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Small Issues and Fun PIctures!!

Hey Guys, Bear with me. I know I took the logos on the side away but I am trying to get them to another page, So everyone can see the logos from there.  It just might take a bit.  Hope y'all understand :) So just Slight Issue is all. LOL
But I shall not leave this Blog Pictureless, So here are some fun Pictures for you to look at. LOL

David Venter and I Cross Skinning as I say. LOL Don't i look lovely!! We went around in these skins just to show off how beautiful we looked. lol Lots of fun!!

Picture I took a long While back, Spooky But I love how it Turned out!!

My Friend Daηι Tнιяdвoяη (danicasaerwen) and I bored on this very interesting sim.  Sadly I have not found it again, so I'm assumeing its been takeing down. 

Of course Me in an outfit I put together. LOL One of my fave looks when i feel like being silly!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Very Moody Purple

Here is another Item you can Purchase at the Hollywood Event when it opens up.  It is also by Pure Poison, called Adore Silver Saphire Collar.  Again the event starts on March 29th and I will put a Landmark at the bottom when it opens.  So on the 29th come grab the Lm because I am sure you do not want to miss out on this event.  The dress I am wearing is a new release from [Exiled Inc.] and I LOVE IT!  There is 6 Types of dresses and they each come with a hud with 4 Different Textures to change from.  The styles are Grunge, Rose, Mixed, Plain, crosses, and Stripes.  I suggest y'all go grab these dresses.  So worth it. The shoes are also From [Exiled Inc.] Like i said before I just can't get enough of these shoes. lol The hair is partial mesh from Miss C. called ava.  
I have been needing some new Eyelashes and I noticed alot of folks have these Redgrave Extra long eyelashes. They aren't mesh, but they are very nice. I am Very happy I purchased them.


Wake Up Sleepy!

PopTart has these Adorable Mesh Pajamas, or as she calls them Sleepy Time Jammies. :) I am wearing the Sweat Treats pair. It comes with the top, pants, and slippers.  She also has a pair with clouds on them and the Group Gift pair has a Cyute cow on it. :D  Also she has out a new gatcha including these sleeping masks.  THe one I am wearing is the Strawberry one of course.  THere are so many different choices you can attempt to win.  And they are worth it!!  So cyute!!  This chair I just purchased at {What Next}.  They are haveing a 50% off sale on certain prose pops, Very worth it. This chair was 50 Linden and has quite a few poses you can choose from. I love it! It is also Color Changeable.


Smexy Glam Feelin'

Pure Poison Has a Few items for the Hollywood Event. The event starts on March 29th and Ends April 4th I beleive. I will post a Lm as soon as it starts :).  One of these items is this Loverly Hat I am wearing.  I love it because its just different, and I love unique items. lol It is called Giul Lace Haute Couture hat.  The Dress is a new release From Pink Cherry, it's called Deep Cleavage Halter dress of course.  It comes in black (I am wearing), Red, pink, Purple, and Silver. Very smexy I shall say. The shoes I found last week at VG Shoes.  They are a free group gift and I love them!!  It comes with a hud to resize, change the skin tone, and change the toe nails.


Turn your Tv on!

Even.flow is in the Spring is near Sim wide Acid Lily Hunt. They have the cutest outfit, It is mesh and well done!!  Each item is 5 L in this hunt, which is not a bad deal at all.  The hunt is until april 9th and they have a blog with the preview prizes, Which I always love. lol What you get is the Blazer and Pants. The shirt is an old shirt i had that worked perfect with it from yarn owl. But i don't beleive they are open anymore :(.  The shoes are Called Standard Espedrillies Grey, I beleive they are mesh.  They are from Balkanik 2.0, and are a free group gift.  When you get them they come in all sorts of colors.  It is such a great find I love them!!! The tv i found On marketplace for free from *Ever Flow*, very cute!!.


Monday, March 18, 2013


Pure Poison has these adorable amelie stud collars and amelie stud earrings out at Stuff in Stock, which started today.  You can get it with gold studs or silver studs.  The skirt I am wearing is From Ricielli's Easter hunt Item #18.  Everything for the hunt is 15 L each, definitly not a bad deal at all.  This cyute mesh Top I am wearing is from Etchaflesh.  There are many colors or patterns you can choose from on the marketplace for only 50L each, and it comes with 4 Different styles for this top.  The top when clicked on has a menu pop up where you can resize or stretch it. The Shoes are from Deer, they were only 5 L in the Pink Fusion Hunt.  They come with a hud where you can resize, choose a skin tone to fit your skin, change the nail color, and also change the shoe to a few different colors. The hair is an old Lo*momo Group gift, I beleive that is still out. Too cute Meoww!!! lol  The ring i purchased a while back at [North West], You can never go wrong with Stache rings. lol Sadly I don't beleive they are Open anymore.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cute and Colorful!!

Stuff in Stock starts a new Round Tommorow and C'est La Vie has These Cute Mesh Rolled Pants for sale there.  They come in a different colors to choose from, also in Dots or plain Options.  These are some pants Imma wear for a good while. lol  I got my top at the new Collaber 88.  It is from The Sea hole called New Romance Mesh Wrap Blouse Pacific.  You can wear it with the straps or without.  I just love how it looks with these pants. :) My hair is Mesh and called Jamie it is made by Wasabi Pills. I just feel so Cyute :D


Go Green..

There are some Nice Hunt Gifts at Sassy! that everyone needs to grab, otherwise y'all will regret it. lol The First outfit shown is actually a St. Patricks Day Group Gift.  Now you have no excuse not to be wearing green.  The Next outfit is From the Pink Fusion hunt and lasts till april 20th.  This outfit is 5L.  The Beautiful Gown is From the Tango Train Hunt and will last till april 5th.  This starlet Mesh Gown is Exclusively for this event and comes with tango appliers. The hair in the first picture is from The arcade  made by Truth. The hair in the last two pictures is a group gift from Yulicie, I love it.  Also in the second picture The lil ottomon I am sitting on is SOO Cyute!! It is from the arcade also called {sa} 8 Bit Pouf.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Get your Shop on!

Rebel Hope has this Lovely Dress in the The Liaison Collaberative event.  The dress I am wearing is the Bianca Mesh Dress Linen Heather.  You can also purchase it in Dress Linen Green, Dress Linen pink, Dress Linen Rose, Dress Dots Pink, Dress Dots Heather, Dress Dots Green, Dress Dots Rose.
Pop Tart has another Gatcha out Chibi Winged Boots. The one I am wearing is Purple wing/unicorn. I love unicorns lOL so happy I have these, plus they are mesh!

Sassy! has some items out at Fashion For Life, That you just have to get. lol  But you have to hurry Fashion For life Ends Tommorow!! ahhh!!! sorry for the late post about it.  But you still have time so Take my Taxi I put at the end of this post and go get your outfits dangit. lol  The one I am wearing is mesh and called Penny Lane Dress Sangria. I love it!! I paired it with these earrings and ring from Pink Cherry called Emerald Cut Mandarine.


Friday, March 15, 2013


Pure Poison has some Lovely Accesories out.  The earrings are called Rock Studded Earrings. They also made these nails I am wearing. They are Silver Naira Jewlery Set. You can wear Nails only, Rings only, or Nails and Rings, There is also a Gold set. LOVE THEM!! lol  These nail sets are  from L'accessories.  The Bracelet is Love Stacked Bracelet Black & Silver. You can purchase the earrings and this bracelet from Sl buddy Walk.
The outfit I am wearing is From Masoom called Eboni Outfit. You can purchase it from The Black Market.  This hair is by Miss C. It is called Lucky and can be purchased at Limited Bazaar. Most of these events are limited time so hurry and take my Taxis so you can purchase them. They are well worth it :).

Feelin' Like Betty Crocker

Pink Cherry has a New Release out, These cute Tank Top Knitdresses. They come in Berry (shown in Picture), Black, Cream, Red, and Purple.  They also have these Emerald Cut Earrings, Necklace, and Rings for 99L each.  I am wearing the Rose Earrrings. You can buy them in Aquamarine and Mandarine also.  Cobblestones Has an AWESOME Kitchen set for sale. It comes with different textures for the countertop, Tile above the stove, Curtain, and Washcloth in the sink.  You can also set the Dishwasher to say clean or dirty.  Some other neat items are as shown in the pictures, You can open the dishwasher, Stove, Microwave, Fridge, and Cupboard where the wine glasses are.  You can also recieve items from the fridge and microwave.  The plate that is set out witht the silverware and water bottle, You can click on that and change what is on the plate. I love this kitchen set!!! It is 90% Mesh and costs 1453. You can also buy everything seperately.  The Hair I am wearing is by Miss C. called adriana, You can purchase it at Limited Bazaar for a limited time. The skin is from The arcade event, by Glam Affair Luria 05.