Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Corn Popper :D from [Blackberry Jam]
has three different sizes and when you push it it Pops.
Also in the picture my outfit is the relax a ma cat group gift If i remember right. It comes from Narwhal


Kiddy Wheels From [Blackberry Jam]
This is awesome you can change the color of the car and the texture, or the design i mean on the car. It comes with a little honker horn hud you can press I love it :D
(also in the past few pictures the sweaters I am wearing come from the same store)

I don't wanna grow up.......

Fun Buggy from [Blackberry Jam]
I LOVE THIS TOY :D You wear it :D

Jingly Ball Jingly ball Jinglying allll the wayyy!

Jingly Ball from [Blackberry Jam]
YOu click on the white ball to get in it to get out click to sit on the gold ball. It's kinda like a hamster ball you walk aroudn in it i likes it :D

I gotS my wrist TIEd up :D

I am Wearing the Corset Wrists By Nerd Spot. :D CYUTE
Click Here to buy them :D

Friday, August 27, 2010


Lips Stitched - Red (Spyker)
This Lips are perddy. My friend Nerd Spot AKA Helly Spyker made.
She is selling them on xstreet.
You have to have the version 2.0 cuz its a tattoo layer that only that version it is useable in.
When you put them on they are Red and have these perddy stitches. Click Here for the Link.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

VIintage CONT.....

I love this Dress also ITs Gawgeous :D
Dress:*Iceing* its very flowy just above the knee

Vintage CONT...

Gun:freebie LOL

Vintage CONT....

Another Lovely Outfit
Dress: *Vita Bella* group gift
Fur Stole: *Icing*
Hair: Clawtooth

A Vintage Kinda Feeling

I just Recently started Roleplaying at the Chicago sim, called Roaring 20s So I decided to post my outfits I'm useing. :D I love this style <3
Dress: *Vita Bella*
Shoes: HOC
Hair: clawtooth
Skin:atomice gift (not There anymore)