Saturday, March 2, 2013

Goody, Goody, Goody!

I found some Goodies for y'all. hehe :) This Body suit and Clutch I got From Pure Poison. It is called Poison Studded Lace Body. The Clutch  is called Of course Bitch Clutch and is Mesh.  You can find these Two items at The Whore Couture Fair. 


I know it's alot of Gold and Browns But I actually love how this outfit came together. lol Not a big brown person, but I saved this as an outfit :).  The earrings, collar, and cuff are from Pure Poison. They are basically called Greek and are mesh. You can also purchase them in Silver.  The Corset I am wearing is from Exiled Inc. called Steampunk Cream Corset it is mesh. I am like addicted to Mesh now. lol oops. The Ring I am wearing is from Layla , Called Genevieve Orange Topaz Gold. I thought it would fit perfect with my outfit!! The shoes again are from Pure Poison. Love these Shoes. They are called Greek sandals Gold. You can purchase these Pure Poison Items at Fashion For Life.  Fashion For Life will Start March 9 - March 17.

I love this Little party dress, It is from Exiled Inc. and is called Dress Pure Black. I paired it with the perfect black shoes also from Exiled Inc. called Louboutin Spiked. The hair is Clawtooth Doolittle Prize 8 Strawberry Cream, From the Arcade event. The red Lipstick is From Nemezi, got it for 1 L off the marketplace. :) The Petra Studded Purse is From Pure Poison, You can purchase it at Fashion For Life. The Ring is another purchase from Layla  called Genevieve White Topaz Silver.


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