Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Feelin' Like A Sea Anemone

Here is another Awesome New Release From Ducknipple. :) This Mesh Dress is called 2Basic Dress [4], and Comes with a hud to change the color of the dress.  Also Two different belt colors Black and Grey. The Hair I purchased From Ploom called Sha, It comes with a Mask but I didn't wear that Version. :)  The Skin is an Old FLF skin from Belleza.  Shoes as in my previous posts are also from Deco!!  This Beautiful Ring is From Layla Called Siobhan Coral Agate Ring. It comes with Gold or Silver.  As I mentioned in a Recent post, Layla is Looking for Bloggers! If you are interested send her a notecard inworld with your blogger information to lonnmorgan.  

As I was going through what Windlights I wanted to use, I realized oops, Maybe I am too close.  LOL Because this Funny shadow Happened!
Seems Like My chubbyness wanted to come out into the picture. LOL Thought y'all might get a laugh out of that. :)


Never Been To The Circus

This Pretty Mesh Dress is a New Release from Pure Poison!!  I love it, It makes me think Circus Themed. It is called LouLou Dress Red and Gold. The Dress also comes in Emerald and Silver, Black and Silver, and Linen and Gold.  The Hair I found on Marketplace by searching New Releases. :) It is from Exile Called You've Got The Love Natural Fusion Pack.  I love it!!!  The Shoes are, Yes again, From Deco. lol I purchased them yesterday for only 50 L, Because they are haveing a sale on shoes atm.  So HURRY Go grab you some!!  They are Mesh and Called Seqouined Heels Bronze.  The Skin I am wearing is New  From Step Inside called Coco.  You can purchase it at The Designer Circle.  Hurry though it Ends May 11th.


Monday, April 29, 2013

You Make Me Feel So Young

 The Plastik has This Beautiful Corset out called Anasaze. I am wearing the Little Birdie version.  She made so many choices of textures to choose from. You can wear it with the Hip ruffles or without. I love it. I chose Little Birdie cuz lately i just have obsession with Birds.  In Rl my hubby and I bought a bird feeder, Now I have pretty cardinals and finches everywhere!!! YAY!!! Alrighty back to my blog. hehe.  The pants are an older item from The plastik called Aeda Slacks. The Hair I got At the Dressing Room Fusion, It is by Action called Megan. I was so excited when I saw they had hair there. :) Pink Cherry has New Jewelry out at their store. :)  This Bracelet I am wearing is called Ethnic Bracelet Silver.  It comes with Matching earrings You can Purchase Seperatly.  My Shoes are MESH and From Deco, They are haveing a sale on shoes atm so hurry up and grab what you want!!!  The Poses I am useing in these Pictures are From Saal Body Inc.  They are the New Female Super Sexy Poses!!

Alrighty, Onto the Pictures Below.  The Top is New and Mesh from Ducknipple , called 2Basic Bra. There are different colors you can choose from.   The Pants are From Poptart called Tweed Wide Belt Pants, They are Mesh. :)  The Shoes are also From Deco, Kinda got alot of em. LOL They were 50L each, cannot go wrong with that. :) These are the Mesh Seqouined Heel.  The Hair is From Magika called Awake [03]. The Necklace and Bracelet are from Pure Poison called Zzoie set, They are One of the new Releases and are Mesh.  The set also comes with Earrings that Match.  The Ring I am wearing is from Layla called Leo Ring Silver.  It comes with Gold also. :) I just love how this ring looks, so different.  

Also, I would Like to Mention, Layla Is looking for Bloggers.  If you are Interested just Send her a Notecard with your Blogging Information to lonnmorgan. :) 


Friday, April 26, 2013

Feel Like Roleplayin'?

New Top From Ducknipple. I thought it was perfect for a Roleplaying look. :)  The top is called Gaz Jacket with Hud.  The Jeans are also From Ducknipple called Jessi Jeans. They are Both Mesh. :) The Bruises I purchased from Corvus called Body Bruises.  I finally broke down and bought the Magika Hair called  Awake the 03 Pack. Thought it was more of a funky  pack. :D


Put Your Makeup On Gurl?!?

Poptart has This Loverly Black Leopard dress out at The Playgirl Event, called Drop Dress.  It is Only at this Event you can purchase this dress and only for a limited time, So hurry up and get your tooshies there!!  It also has Tango Appliers with it. :)  My Jewelry is From Pure Poison called Onyx Wings Jewelry Set. You can purchase Them at the NYC Soho Sample Sale. This Hair is from Exxess called Vesna.

20.Five has Some New Releases out!!  One of them is this cyute Mesh Belt Romper w Hud, There are 5 Different colors you can choose on the hud.  The Hair and skin are older from The arcade Gatcha. I know why you still blog it!!! I just love it though. :)  The Tower of Flowers and the Kitty Photo Tv are from Cobblestone.  I love em!!! They are at the Designer Warehouse until 5/3 For a GREAT Price.  The Tv you can put Pictures in and set it to scroll or click on it to scroll through your pictures.  Awesome I say!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Summer Wishes

Egoisme has out a Beautiful sundress Perfect for spring and summer. :) It is Mesh and there are diffrent colors/textures you can choose from.  The one I am wearing is called Sundress - Ocean Aqua.  The Skin I am wearing is an older Skin From Egoisme Called Sophia Pale, I just love how these skins look on me.  The Hair I got was Purchased From My Attic for only 95 L.  It is From Ploom Called Lislie and is Mesh.  Hurry up and Grab it My Attic ends on the 30th Of april. 


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Alien Tendencies

I decided to do another Fantasy post today. :) well with a few Non fantasy items.  The skin is from The Plastik. It is a mermaid skin called The Arkasia Mola. I love it! There are different colors you can choose from of course. :)  The eyes are also from the Plastik called Bloodless, I beleive they come in with the skins when you purchase them.  The hair is From Exxess, It is mesh called Vesna. I found it perfect with my Alien look.  Yesh Imma Mermaid without the Tail? lol Decided to do something different with the skin. :)  The top is from Step Inside called Freia Corset 2, there are other Textures it comes in.  You can purchase it from Stuff in Stock which ends on the 28th.  Also Fantasy Faire ends on the 28th.  Better hurry your tooshies up to view it all, because there is alot to view. ;)  The Pants are new from Ducknipple called Mesh Studded Legging With Hud.  I paired this outfit with my Etchaflesh Boots called Vampire Booties, They are also Mesh.  I also wanted to show These Lovely Low Lag skins The Plastik Put out for Everyone to wear as they walk around The sims.  She Made these Skins with Clotheing on them, They also have Hair that comes with it. :)   If you are thinking "well, What about us Men?", Don't worry If you She put a Male skin and Hair in there for you also. :) They are FREE!!! You should be able to find them at every sim I beleive. 


Missing Winter

Ready for some more goodies from Fantasy Faire??? 
Bluemoon Enterprise has this Lovely house for sale there, and it is MESH!!!! I love that, because you know, I have an addiction to Mesh. lol I find the house Very Spacious and very perfect even for Roleplay uses. :) Another Item they put out is this Loverly Dress called Lady Rhiannon Seafoam. The skirt part is Mesh.  I found it fit perfect for a pic with the house.  Yes it's finally spring where I am at, but I just love winter, So I added snow. Walah!! :)
This Ring I am wearing I love! It is Not out yet, But as soon as it is out I will post a link In my Taxi section for you to click on.  It is by Layla called Siobhan Agate Aqua.  There will be 10 Different Colors to purchase, each haveing silver or Gold Options. Love It!!  My Hair is an Older hair from Lelutka called Versage.  Also my Skin came out Last month From Egoisme called Evian - Aphrodite Pale Tone.



Friday, April 19, 2013

Let's Not wait for the Grass to Grow

This Top, Shorts, and Shoes are from Duck Nipple.  :) The shoes are a newer release, they are called Donna Boots Dark With Hud. The shorts are called Laura Shorts - Warm.  The top is called Mister Top With Hud.  I just Love This outfit I feel so Rock.  I guess you can say. LOL Love it.  The Hair is new from Miss C.  Called Jisel, It is one of the hairs you can purchase at Stuff In Stock. These Earrings and Bracelet I am wearing are From Pure Poison.  You can Purchase them at Fi Friday, So y'all Hurry up and get your tooshies there to grab them before friday is over. ;)


Livin' in a Fantasy

GUYS!!  Fantasy Faire starts Tommorow, Saturday 20, 2013!!  The Sims are beautiful and there are alot of stores to look at. :)  They will have certain items for sale, that the proceeds will go for Relay For Life.  Which is always awesome eh? This picture below I am wearing a skin from The Plastik.  She always makes the best fantasy skins.  I am sure I said that before, but, It's true. lol  The skin is called draziira skin - Silver, there are plenty of other colors you can choose from. and they come with glowy eyes. Perfect I think.  lol The outfit I am wearing is also From The Plastik called Vandariel armor.  I am wearing the waterlady color.  It comes with a hud to change the silk part and the jewels.  There are many colors to choose from for this outfit also. :) The Hair is an Older Mesh hair from Truth called Jodie. 

In this Picture below I decided to take a pic at the fair to show a lil bit of what one sim looks like.  They had a lot of pretty flowers around in the first sim.  The Hair I am wearing is from Lelutka called Magdalen, It is an older hair.  The skin is an older skin from illusory.  The lovely dress I am wearing is from Fatewear.  It is from the Fantasy Faire, called Rochon - Sapphire.  This Lovely shape I am wearing is New from Saal Body Inc called Euporie.  I beleive it is modifiable.  The last picture is of a Building in the Lumenaria sim.  I just wanted to give y'all an idea of one of the builds they have up.  All of the sims are awesomely put together. :) Great for Pictures If you are wanting to blog any outfit you purchased from the Fantasy Faire. :)


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Love Grapes

I have a few awesome items to show you today!!  This First Picture I am wearing one of the dresses you can Purchase from Sassy! at the Kawaii Fair.  I am wearing the Grapes version of the Sweetness Dress.  They come in Different textures/colors. :) I love it, I find it very well done.  The hair I am wearing is from Burley, It is a Braided Hair called Reena I. 

In this Picture I am wearing a skin called Bella From Step Inside.  You can purchase it at this Round of Designer Circle.  The hair is Yet another I love from Elikitara (I'm still Hopeing that they open up again.).  The dress is One of Rebel Hope's new spring Mesh dress called Kendra.  I think its Loverly for going clubbin or just a nice fun night out with the girls. :)

This is another New Spring Dress from Rebel Hope called  Eva Mesh Maxi Dress Sheen Green.  Like always she makes her dresses in a lot of different colors to choose from.  This dress also has an option to purchase it in a paisley version. :) I love it.  The hair is an Older hair from Magika called Capture.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Giddy In Flowers

Step Inside has alot goodies for y'all at the Kawaii Fair.  The top, skirt, and boots all come in different colors. :)   The top I am wearing is mesh called the Vito Top 4.  The skirt I am wearing is Mesh also, Called Vito Skirt 4.  The boots are called  Kawaii Boots 5.  The Tights are Kawaii Tights 1 and the makeup I beleive is a Gift. I am wearing Number 3.  You can also find this Loverly skin I am wearing which is called Anika Kawaii Edition. Of course I had to show this Owl Bracelet again. LOL This time I am wearig the pinkgold one.  It is also from erratic, Only today though for Fifty Linden Fridays.  The hair is yet another old Elikatara hair. I just loved their hair. lol 


Country Gal

Ducknipple again put out some awesome New Releases. :)  The Dress I am wearing is called the Mesh Piperness Dress with Hud.  The hud comes with 12 Different colors to wear. The shoes are called Mesh Thena boots With Hud, and has 14 Different colors to choose from.  The hud also has a Resizer in it.  I chose to wear this Cyute Owl Bracelet from Erratic, to go with the dress.  I beleive it was Perfect fit!!  The bracelet is only out today for 50 Linden, Because of course, Today is Fifty Linden Friday.  Another item I purchase was this Pretty Belleza smoky skin, also For Fifty Linden Friday.  So y'all better hurry up and grab these goodies!! The hair is an older hair from Elikatara, Which sadly she hasn't reopened yet.  I hear that elikatara is just takeing a break, at least *crosses Fingers* I hope that's true.  The sim I am at is called Cafe Green Gables, I thought it was a cute fit for my outfit i put together. :)