Saturday, March 23, 2013

Turn your Tv on!

Even.flow is in the Spring is near Sim wide Acid Lily Hunt. They have the cutest outfit, It is mesh and well done!!  Each item is 5 L in this hunt, which is not a bad deal at all.  The hunt is until april 9th and they have a blog with the preview prizes, Which I always love. lol What you get is the Blazer and Pants. The shirt is an old shirt i had that worked perfect with it from yarn owl. But i don't beleive they are open anymore :(.  The shoes are Called Standard Espedrillies Grey, I beleive they are mesh.  They are from Balkanik 2.0, and are a free group gift.  When you get them they come in all sorts of colors.  It is such a great find I love them!!! The tv i found On marketplace for free from *Ever Flow*, very cute!!.


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