Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Feelin's

I love Winter, Like, extremly alot!!  But I will Admit, I am ready for Spring. :)  Hardly I ever say that lol.  So to get into a Spring Mood, I got this Cyute Lil Mesh Dress From C'est La Vie.  I find it Perfect!! You can Purchase it at The Box, Which is open for only so Long. So it's best if you hurry up your butts and get it eh? LOL  It also comes in a Quite a Few of different colors and a plain version. I am wearing the Candy Peach Version.   The hair is at Stuff in Stock by Miss C. It is called Claudia.  My skin I have blogged Before but it is Legit now one of my Faves.  It is from Egoisme and is the New Release called Evian Aphrodite, I am wearing the Pale Version.  The sim I am at is called Neva River.  I thought it would be a pretty lil sim to take pics at.  I will post it in the Taxi's below for y'all to go explore it. :)


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