Friday, April 19, 2013

Livin' in a Fantasy

GUYS!!  Fantasy Faire starts Tommorow, Saturday 20, 2013!!  The Sims are beautiful and there are alot of stores to look at. :)  They will have certain items for sale, that the proceeds will go for Relay For Life.  Which is always awesome eh? This picture below I am wearing a skin from The Plastik.  She always makes the best fantasy skins.  I am sure I said that before, but, It's true. lol  The skin is called draziira skin - Silver, there are plenty of other colors you can choose from. and they come with glowy eyes. Perfect I think.  lol The outfit I am wearing is also From The Plastik called Vandariel armor.  I am wearing the waterlady color.  It comes with a hud to change the silk part and the jewels.  There are many colors to choose from for this outfit also. :) The Hair is an Older Mesh hair from Truth called Jodie. 

In this Picture below I decided to take a pic at the fair to show a lil bit of what one sim looks like.  They had a lot of pretty flowers around in the first sim.  The Hair I am wearing is from Lelutka called Magdalen, It is an older hair.  The skin is an older skin from illusory.  The lovely dress I am wearing is from Fatewear.  It is from the Fantasy Faire, called Rochon - Sapphire.  This Lovely shape I am wearing is New from Saal Body Inc called Euporie.  I beleive it is modifiable.  The last picture is of a Building in the Lumenaria sim.  I just wanted to give y'all an idea of one of the builds they have up.  All of the sims are awesomely put together. :) Great for Pictures If you are wanting to blog any outfit you purchased from the Fantasy Faire. :)


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