Monday, April 8, 2013

Havein Fun at Adonis!

Today Imma post a few different designers. :)  Also Imma post pictures around Adonis Heights Boys Academy, to show off what they have to offer. :)  The First Picture My Top is From Sassy! You can purchase it from the Gatcha Carnival.  There are 18 Different sayings you can Try your shot at getting. :) The skirt is a Mesh Black Rock Studded Skirt From Pure Poison. They are From Sl Fashion week and they Come in four different colors, Black (shown in picture), Fuscia, Red, and Teal. Of course this hair I am wearing is from Magika.  I'm addicted to it, It is called Please.  This time I am wearing the cat Headband that comes with it when you purchase the hair.  The Shoes are From Ducknipple, They are Mesh Rambo Unisex Boots with Hud. 

In this Picture I am poseing next to the pretty fireplace in the Lounge at Adonis.  lol I just love to watch it!! The dress is From Sassy!, you can purchase this Tank Dress from Bewbapalooza. You can purchase it in Pink (shown in picture), Grey, Black, red, teal, and white.  It comes with bbusty MU, eboobs, Tango, and Lush Appliers. :)  The crown and Wand are in gatchas at PopTart. There are many different types you can attempt to win. :) The crown I am wearing  is the Sparkle Crown Violet, and the Wand I am wearing is the 
Cupcake wand.
The shoes were a Swag Bag Gift From N-core at The Event Hollywood. The hair is an older partial rigged hair from Miss C. Called Justa, It normally has a headband with a bow on it but I just resized it that way I could wear my crown. :)

Adonis is a LGBTQ friendly sim, I have noticed They are very acceptable of anyone, except Children of course, because it is an Adult sim.  At Adonis They are always coming up with new ideas for the Community!!
There is Skateboarding, Jet ski's, an arena where they have Fun events often.  They have class below the office where you can learn about Sl and Rl stuff. What is neat there is a bicycle rack where you can ride a bike around, or you can take the train to certain buildings. They also have a Concept Store, where you can purchase items from some awesome designers. Recently they Just put up a Lounge with excersize equipment, bar, and jaccuzi.  There is also a pool outside you can go swim in. :) I find this place is nicely put together and Very pretty.  Another thing I noticed there are a few apartments for rent still. The Landmark I will link will take you to the train station.  There at the train station you will be near boards with information about the sim. :) I recommend at least take a look around the sim.

Skateboard Park

Office and Classroom


Train Station


Concept Store


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