Sunday, April 21, 2013

Alien Tendencies

I decided to do another Fantasy post today. :) well with a few Non fantasy items.  The skin is from The Plastik. It is a mermaid skin called The Arkasia Mola. I love it! There are different colors you can choose from of course. :)  The eyes are also from the Plastik called Bloodless, I beleive they come in with the skins when you purchase them.  The hair is From Exxess, It is mesh called Vesna. I found it perfect with my Alien look.  Yesh Imma Mermaid without the Tail? lol Decided to do something different with the skin. :)  The top is from Step Inside called Freia Corset 2, there are other Textures it comes in.  You can purchase it from Stuff in Stock which ends on the 28th.  Also Fantasy Faire ends on the 28th.  Better hurry your tooshies up to view it all, because there is alot to view. ;)  The Pants are new from Ducknipple called Mesh Studded Legging With Hud.  I paired this outfit with my Etchaflesh Boots called Vampire Booties, They are also Mesh.  I also wanted to show These Lovely Low Lag skins The Plastik Put out for Everyone to wear as they walk around The sims.  She Made these Skins with Clotheing on them, They also have Hair that comes with it. :)   If you are thinking "well, What about us Men?", Don't worry If you She put a Male skin and Hair in there for you also. :) They are FREE!!! You should be able to find them at every sim I beleive. 


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