Thursday, April 11, 2013


I decided to go ahead and do one of the SL meme's challenge Strawberry Singh posted.   My 10 SL First's.  lol. I will post it below the picture after the Taxis.
The Top I am wearing is from C'est La Vie.  She recently put out Mesh Pocket Tank's, The one I am wearing is Thermal Sky. :)  I love it and thought it would go perfect with my Norfolk Tweeds which are from Boom.  A very close friend gave me a gift card there for valentine's day and yes, I slacked a lil, but I blogged them finally.  I am wearing the Doll Pink color and I love them!!  I've had an awful time lately trying to find some bob/pixie cut type of hair. :( well I have looked all over and somehow, I got this braided hair instead. LOL Oh well, I love it just as much!!  It is Reena I mesh hair From Burley.  An older hair but still very loverly.  The sim I am on I heard about through a friend of mine Danica Saerwen, It is called Kittens Heaven cafe.  It is a very pretty sim and the owner has cyute lil bunnies and cats walking around. :)  


Alrighty now on to my Meme. :)

1. First SL Friend: My first Sl friend was Missy Mumblewood ( I can't remember her first avie I met her on. LOL oops) We always loved acting crazy and creepin folks out, yes shame shame.  Sadly we just had a falling out.

  2.  First SL Kiss: I never really Kissed anyone in SL for reals.  Reason being: I am married in Rl. lol But I remember when I First started, I had that poison kisser attachment.  Whenever anyone hit accept to my Poison Kisser it would knock them out for a few minutes. Hehe That was alot of fun.

  3.  First SLex Time/Place/Partner:  Again Never really done that, cuz Married in RL. So N/A

  4.  First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband: I actually did partner someone.  Again it was My friend Missy.  We partnered for the Fun of it, We were SL sisters, So we just enjoyed listenin to what folks would say when we claimed we were sisters and together.  LOL yesh I was bored very easily and that was just entertainging. LOL It was crazy how many folks were like Ewwww are you for real!!! 

  5.  First Sl Job:  Sadly I cannot remember the club it was, but I know they are no longer open.  I was a dancer at some metal club.  The music was Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, System of a Down, Etc. That is also where I met my first Freind, Missy.

  6.  First SL Creation: Well I bet all of our first creations was a box. LOL but I did try to sell my art.  I usually paint in my corel painter program, I love to make cyute lil monsters.  So I would put them in a frame and attempt to sell them. :)

  7.  First Encounter With a Linden: I beleive my First encounter was at Korea? One of those chat/welcome sims.  I even IM'd him to try to talk with him, But he wasn't a friend Linden. LOL No answer back.

  8.  First Encounter with a SLebrity:  Donno if many folks know of her store, but I always considered her big. :) Always loved her clothing also!!  Her name is Elsa Liebknecht, Owner of Rotten Toe.

  9.  First SL Sim you Fell in Love With:  It was called The Nameless Isle by Baron Grayson.  I don't beleive it's been around for a while.  But it has such pretty water and greenery.  I loved it!!

  10. First SL Blog Post: Yes I am sure it was pretty at the time.  I have no clue why I wanted to have the name of the item on the picture either.  I bet it did sound good back then. LOL  but here it is My First SL BLOG POST! I don't mind if ya laugh either, cuz I sure did. :)

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