Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Waited only for you

So I finally Went to The Event Hollywood To grab the Freebs/swag bags from each store!! Quite a few Freebies I might add.  :)  The Dress I am wearing is not a freebie but , it sure is lovely ain't it? This dress is Called Ginger Satin Dress Wine and is created by 1 Hundred.   You can purchase this dress at the event though. :)  The hair I am wearing is a freebie from Miss C called Kate.  The beautiful Jewlery is A freebie from Chop Zuey. I will say I'm not fond of the bling they use alot of times, but I do find it kinda neat when they make the jewelry move as if it is glistening like Rl jewelry glistens. lol The Eyes are a Freebie from Redgrave, they also had eyelashes in their swagbag, but I chose not to wear them. :)  This Lovely Bookcase is a Freebie you can get from Cobblestone.  One more freebie I decided to show were this Lovely Damask shoes From :{MV}:.  Remember all of these Lovely Items are at The Event Hollywood and it is only open till the 14th Of april.


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