Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Alien Beauty

Etchaflesh has This awesome Mesh outfit  called Leather Lilith Corset Dress!! It comes with straps, skirt, hood, corset, and a Hud to change the Texture, Ties Etc. :) Very AWESOME!! There are Many ideas you can use to go with this Outfit.  I decided the Best skin to go with this is From The Plastik, Of course. :) It is an older skin of hers called Ataciara Elven Amethyst Warlord.  Hey, It may be an older skin, but it is Still Very well done!! I beleive The Plastik is the Best place to go to look for Different kind of skins.   I love this Alien Look LOL :).  The eyes were from the past arcade Gatcha (no Longer Open :( ) Made by Dead Apples.  The Hair is From Eaters Coma called Hair 10 Funky Colors.  The sim I came across from A fLickr Group and I LOVE IT. It is called The Great Fissure and  fits Perfectly with this avatar I put together.  I am def Loveing this look enough, It is Going to be saved under outfits. 


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