Sunday, February 3, 2013

Love in our Hearts

Valentine's Day is just around the corner ;), and Cobblestone has a few items that will be perfect for your LOved one or Friend.

These Boxes of roses come closed. What is awesome about it just one click and walah, It opens as seen in the picture here.  How awesome is that??!!!!
They Cost 125 Linden and you can Purchase the roses in Red, Pink, White, Purple, and Yellow. 
If you go to The Outlet Sales Room, You can purchase them In Red for 75 Linden Until 2/14.  They are no mod, No copy, BUT they are Transfer. 

This Teddy With Frame you can purchase for 65 Linden.  It is 100% Mesh!!
The Teddy comes in colors Purple, Brown, Pink, Red, and White.  The Bow is also Color Changeable.  The Bow Colors are Pink, red, purple, and white. 
Of course as you can tell you can put whatever Picture you want into the frame.  I decided to put a picture of me and one of my Good Friends David. :)
The Teddy Bear is also Modify/Transfer

Cutesy Valentine Art is 100% Mesh and Sales for 65 Linden.  But you can Find it at The OUtlet Sales Mall For 50 Linden until 2/14.  It is Modify/Transfer.

Here are your Taxis:

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