Sunday, February 24, 2013


My Friend Layla Has made this Beautiful Teardrop ring Blue/purple For FREE!!  What is awesome they are full perm so you can tint it like i did in my picture.  I will quote what she wrote on her marketplace about it below the First picture.  So y'all can understand the meaning behind it :).  Also what I am wearing I found at Dandelion Wine. It was a free hunt gift and comes with a hud to change the tops texture. Alot of her clothing are extremly cheap prices also, and well done. My hair is from Elikitara called abbey.

"Why the blue water drop? We are wearing the blue water drop to show our opposition to the destruction of our land and water by unsustainable development projects. Together we can fight against tar sands exports, the building and expansion of pipelines, and the increase of tankers off the West coast [and worldwide!].
The blue water drop is a visual link to connect us to each other, to the movement, and to the resources we are fighting to protect.
A couple weeks ago (fall of 2012 actually), a handful of people pinned blue felt water drops on their jackets to express opposition to tarsands pipelines and tankers that threaten our waters. Inspired by the Quebec student movement's red square, these humble pieces of felt are now poised to become a powerful symbol of the growing movement to defend our waters from tarsands oil. If we pool our creativity and energy we can make this huge."
Since then tons of people in British Columbia have joined together to make tons of blue drops to pass out freely and wear showing our unity with these goals.
I also encourage you to make these in REAL and pass them along as well!
I decided to make this bluedrop ring a while ago and finally found out how easy it is to set up on Marketplace. I made the rings with full permissions so that people can freely pass the rings around to all (please do not sell) and can modify them, changing the colours and textures (made by me with a free fractal creation program) if desired as well as attaching them as earrings or badges."
Please have fun with them and give them out widely!
Thanks so much.
Layla Aleksandrovna


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