Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stud Love

Hey Guys!! Guess what?  Thanks To my friend David Venter. I had my blog redid. lol
I love it. I hope it is easy on my viewers eyes to read and what nots. YAY!!
Pure Poison has some New release out in their store.  They are called JG Spikes Mesh, and come in colors such as Blue, Green, Nude, Pink, Red.
I Noticed you can purchase the nude and the black pair at Stuff In Stock for 65 Linden if I remember right. :)

Pure Poison also has some Hand Bags That are new releases out at their store. 
They are called Luana Studded Handbag mesh.
You can purchase them in  Blue, Brown, Green, nude, purple, and Red.

In the picture below I am wearing the Luana Studded Handbag Mesh Black.
The Top I purchased From Corvus It is called Black Blazer with Tee, and is Mesh.  The black leather leggings I purchased Off of Marketplace. It was a shirt and tights pack for 30 L From *Kitja*.  The hair is Mesh and From Action called  Evey.  My shoes I also purchased off of Marketplace from Etchafelsh. They are mesh and only 99L.  My eyeshadow I purchased From Corvus called Deep Black Eyeshadow.  The Lip Gloss is from Pink Acid. It was a store gift (not for sure if they are still out). 

Pure Poison also has a Jakie Studded Mesh Handbag at Sl Fashion Week. The colors you can purchase them in are Black, Teal, Brown, and Red. For only 70 L if I remember right :). But you better hurry they restock every friday.


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