Monday, May 6, 2013

Le Dog

There is an event out right now that ends on the  18th of May called The Chapter Four.  You don't want to miss this Event!!! This bracelet and Top is what I purchased from the Event.  The Top is called Le Dog Shirt, it is made by Happy Pencil.  The Bracelet is created by NuDoLu.  I got it from their gatcha, and just so happens I got lucky and got the Elastique Owl. I love Owls!!! :) The Hair i got from the new We Love Roleplay event.  It is made by eep called Hair 05. The Jeans I got a few months ago from Autres called Nyx Skinny Jeans.  The Shoes are From Tres Blah, I purchased them from an older Collaber 88.


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