Saturday, May 4, 2013

Here's For Sunny Hopes

Hey there guys There is a Sand & Sea Event Going on!!!!   So I had to show you some of the goodies you can get. :) In the Picture below is a Beach Fort from ANA. The Fort has Five different Color/Textures and the Towel has Eight Different Color/Textures.  There are Girl, Boys, and Unisex Poses in the Towel. 

In this Picture I am wearing a New Skin from Step Inside called Silva. You can purchase it at this Months SYS Project. The Hair I am wearing is from Miss C. Called Scarlett. You can purchase this hair at Euphoria.

This Bathing suit I LOVE!! It is from Poptart and is called Frilly Swimsuit with Glasses. You can get this in the Hide and Seek Hunt. :)!!! And Yes it is MESH!!

Also at Euphoria is another Miss C. Hair called Dinha. I think its a Perfect match to the scarlett hair for Roleplaying, if you are hot and want to put your hair up. :)

These Lovely items are at the Sand & Sea Event also.
The Clock is from what Next called Beach Hut Clock. I beleive it is a Beach comber Gift.  The Boat Bottle is From Chez Moi Furnitures.  The Chest, Table, Turtle Rug, Chair, and Mango Drinks are from Head Hunter's Island. The Chest and Chair have Four sit Poses in them. I think these items are Nicely done. :) 


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