Friday, May 10, 2013

Gettin' My Sales On

It's FRIDAY!!! Y'all know what that Means?  Fifty Linden Friday and Fi Fridays are out!  Alrighty, The first item I am showing is this Loverly Dress called Bowlicious Dress - Floral, made by The Secret Store.  It is just too Darling Cyute  I had to have it. :)  The hair I am wearing is an older alice project hair called Grace. Shoes are From Deco.

This Loverly Spring Jacket and Tweed skirt I am wearing, in the picture below, is From ~Sassy!~.  You can purchase it at The 100 Block Fair.  Which is open from may 10th to may 31st.  The hair I am wearing is an older hair from Miss C. called Lauren.

Alrighty, Had to let my hair down to show y'all how pertty it is. lol.  This hair is out at Fi Fridays!!  So I suggest y'all hurry to go grab yours. :)  It is From Miss C. called Star.


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