Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Don't You Forget About Me

Egoisme has some Beautiful tops out right now!  The one I am wearing is called  Satins & Silks - Afternoon Tea Teal White.  The jeans I purchased at the NEW Collaber 88.  They are made by Ison called coated denim (silver). Another item I purchased from Collaber 88 was this pretty ring made by [AUX] called Melt My Heart - Pink. Also I finally got into TRUTH!!!  I think i forgot to get a few hairs, so Imma have to go back LOL. oopsie doodles!  The hair I am wearing is called Moxie.  Truth will have their sale till May 10th, so hurry y'alls tooshies over there and grab what you can! :)


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