Thursday, May 9, 2013

Do You Feel Like a Prima Donna?

20. Five has some awesome new release out guys!!!  One of these releases is this cyute Mesh Dress called Ruffled Tubedress.  It comes with a Hud where you can change it to 5 Different Textures.  Also New are these Converse light, they are Unisex and come with a hud to change them to 5 different colors.  These shoes also have a resizer. :D  The hair is called Sassy from Truth. I still think i need to go grab some more before the sale ends. hehe.  The glasses I got for a great Price on Marketplace.  They are called Studded Horn Rimmed Glasses by O.M.E.N.  These glasses come with a hud where you can change them to 8 different colors.  You can also change to no lens, lens, dark tint, and clear.
The Loverly Ring I am wearing is called Olen Ring made by Kosh.  The Crystal and metal band are both color changeable.  The Watch is by Tina Tina called Lovely Watch Pink, I got it for an awesome price on marketplace. :) The Tights are made by Q called Like a Sir Tights.


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