Thursday, January 31, 2013

Poppy Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts are Nommy!!! I especially love the Fruity Ones. hehe
anyways PopTart has some new items out That are MEsh.  I am legit Addicted to Mesh items. lol I can't live without em it seems.  

This is Owwie Kawaii Eye Bandage. I think its CYUTE!! It is their Group gift 
which makes it more awesome eh?

This is their GlitterPulse Skirt in Black.  Which I needed a Glitter Skirt so this is perfect.  It also comes in Grey, BUbblegum, and Galaxy (which is a blue color)

These are their UGGY Boots.  These are called Cupcake. You can also purchase them in Leopard Or Bowgasm.  I just love strawberries lol.

Here is your Taxi:

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