Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Everything 1 Hundred

1 Hundred I beleive is such an awesome store. About everything in this store is 100.  There are a few items i found that are less then 100.  Who could argue with that!!!  Not many stores have such great deals on their items.  I Snapped some of the items I love in 1 Hundred.   Enjoy!!!

1 Hundred - Mesh Cadence Top with Basic Black Leggings.

Hair - Truth Subbo Gift
Earrings - Je Suis tente Fire Earrings

1 Hundred - Warm me up Leggings
Mesh Warm me up top
(these leggings also come in White, Light blue, Sand, and black)
(These tops also come in white, Light Blue, Sand, Wine, Olive, Blue, Plum, and Dusty Rose)

Shoes - Coco Group Gift
Hair - Boon Uii117

1 Hundred - Mesh Slip on Set
(also comes in White, Pink, Sand, Dusty Rose, Light Blue, Plum, Blue, Wine, and Black)

Hair - Elekitira Abbey Mesh

1 Hundred - Mesh POE hunt Gift Innocence Dress

Hair - Truth (old Subbo Gift)

1 Hundred - Mesh New in 2013 Hunt gift Club Dress

(pulled a friend of mine, David Venter, ON the dance floor to get a shot of the dress while dancing lol.  Thx David)

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