Friday, January 11, 2013

Get Ya some CObblestones....

I have come across a Few accesories that are MOST needed for the house ;)
What  I most like about This store other then THey make awesome Items, They are affordable!!!   

Cobblestone January Desk Blueberry (The items were not linked together, Which makes it awesome you can arrange it however you want to!!)
Sweater - Censored - kawaii hunt #6 20L
Shoes - Censored - Kawaii Hunt # 5 20L
Jeans- Twins Fashion - mesh
Hair- Wasabi Pills - Alice mesh hair

Just a Closer look at what ya get!! :) and yes the picture frame, you can put any picture you want in it.

Cobblestone - Harmony Lanterns - Tin

Cobblestone - Witty Wood Signs ( just what I needed for my house :D so Perfect!!)


  1. Thank you so much for all the beautiful home decor inspiration! Beautiful photos!

  2. You are Welcome Ben. and Thank you for reading my blog :)