Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh what a Relief it is...

I am very excited to say Etchaflesh has some new goodies out!!!
I probably repeat myself alot on their items, but they just do so well on their textures for their  Mesh clotheing.  I will only be posting one of each new item.  but the dresses come in different patterns/colors.

Lissa Bluebird Nola Underbust Corset
The Hair is From Elikitara sale, Called Caramel and it is Mesh.

Nightwish Nola Underbust Corset

Virgin Sacrifice Scream Queen Gown
The Hair is from RedMint.  I found it in the front where her signs are. YOu have to join the group to get this hair. It was free!! It states Demo but It is free and is MESH. There were Two different styles of hairs and you could buy any color you wanted to.  Hurry I donno when this Great freebie will be up though.

Sweetling Don't Cross Me Dress 
Hair is From Elikitara Again - Non Mesh
Here is your Taxis:

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