Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How Pyschotic are ya?

...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Insane (White) 
 What a lovely Pyscho outfit BDR has made lol.
There is the white and the dirty version. 
Female and male ones and they both come with 
clean or bloody :) oh and the outfit comes with the 
jeans and boots so Extra Pluses LOL and the jacket is resizable.

The Hair was an old Miasnow Freebie. The skin
was an old curio hunt gift i beleive lol
Eyes are from Negaposi. They have 
awesome Reasonably priced eyes :)

Also below shows one of the razors you can wear. YOu can wear 
two different versions on the mouth.
The one I chose is where my tongue sticks out with a razor. 
So nummys :)
 The pic below i wore the same thing, I just wanted to do something 
more artsy with it LOLOL

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