Monday, October 31, 2011

Ison and Skins YEEPEE!


 I was looking on the Marketplace and found some
Beautiful items from ISON!
I love their textures they use in their outfits.
And alot of their clotheing are Very reasonably
Priced. So worth getting :D

This blog Imma post a few Different Outfits
That i HAD to get from there.      
                      I purchased this skin From                      This Outfit was Seperate
                     The Dressing Room Blue, I                       That I just put together.
                     Beleive. It was 70 Linden mons
                     Skin. You can wear it without
                      the Red lipstick wich is Awesome.                                         

                                   These BodySuits Were also Reasonably Priced
                                    And whats awesome you get two different 
                                    versions in one Buy :).  The marketplace Url 

          Also this skin is from Al Vulo! It was a free Gift so
Hurry go there I donno how much longer it will be up! 


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