Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I went To May's Soul Recently and Found some Gorean 
outfits I actually LIke. They are too cyute.
Go LOOk!
 Below I will show pictures of What I picked out :)
* May's Soul* torvald bond brown

* May's Soul* tavern girl

* May's Soul* cormina green

Most of her Outfits there come with 
Shoes and Cyute Bags I noticed.
My fave is the Backpack that looks like
a Little Big Planet person LOL. I love that game.
Now if you teleport to her other store 
Tentacio by May's Soul!
You can find these Cyute Monster Shirts!
Just Click on this Picture to make them larger :)
You can also Purchase these Cyute outfits!

*Tentacio* Misha red

*Tentacio* Jungle in the city green

*Tentacio* rocked pants soft

So worth it!! SO Cyute!!
Oh and if you look to the  left side of my blog, You should see a
Picture that says May's Soul. 
If you click on that it should take you to her Blog!

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