Thursday, October 20, 2011

Holli Pocket Limited Goodies!

This  *HolliPocket*Lacin' Love Top-Coral Is at the Perfect Wardrobe - They put 
out items Bi-Weekly So hurry up and grab it for 90L.

Also the under wear im wearing is from Boom. They have out packs you can buy at Collaber88. I beleive it is up there till the end of the month so GET those UNDies :)

This is yet another *Holli Pocket* Lacey Long Top-Strawberry. I love
These They are so Pretty on. This Color is at the Grunge Soul Project for 80L. So hurry up and go grab it before its Gone.

This top is a hunt gift for the Zombie Popcorn Hunt.  It's called *HolliPocket*Hoodie Tee-Fruit Punch
Need to hurry and grab this goodie also cuz hunt last till the end of the month. This one is free :)

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