Tuesday, July 12, 2011


At the Plastik They have Aquamer skins...They are Beautiful..I'm in Love with all her skins to be honest.
This SKin I'm wearing in the Picture is [Plastik]-Aquamer-Midnightberry.
Its 399 per Skin.  When you buy the skin it comes with Elf Like ears, Eyes, and Two skins. ONe with Gills and one without.

The Outfit is from [Gauze] The outfit is - Merfolk - Black Pearl
Their Mer outfits are Beautiful.
This Skin also came with Some different eyes called Plastik.Naso Caesius Eyes
The ones i'm wearing are the Gold ones. There are twelve Eyes in this pack. So again I say SKIN worth Getting :D
Heres a Picture of some of the colors in her store.
  Also Hair is From Ploom, And where I took the picutres at is Two moon Paradise http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Two%20Moon%20Paradise/57/203/1  Great for Picture takeing and they have a club there with parties and some vendors. Anyways ALL these places are SOOOO worth checking out and looking around at. :)

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